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It may be small, but Saint Martin isn’t short of fantastic attractions. This popular Caribbean island boasts stunning beaches, adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, such as the world’s steepest zip line, and vibrant nightlife. As with many Caribbean islands, Saint Martin is a hotspot for sun worshippers, with 37 beaches, ranging from vibrant and buzzing popular destinations to secluded and peaceful hidden gems.

The island is unique because it is split into two distinct parts. One side, Saint-Martin, is heavily influenced by French culture, and the other, known as Saint Maarten, displays its Dutch heritage. Both sides are a charming mixture of quaint European and colorful Caribbean cultures, so a vacation on Saint Martin has a truly international flavor.

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Be as close as possible to the glorious sands of the Caribbean with our Saint Martin beach holiday rentals. With jaw-dropping views of the sea, glittering under the warming sun, and direct access to many of the island’s best beaches, these spectacular villas are something very special. From the beautiful Baie Rouge Beach to the popular Long Bay, you can choose from luxurious villas on the most wonderful beaches across Saint Martin.

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