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Why choose a pet friendly villa?

Take your best friend on vacation with you! If you’re looking for a pet friendly hotel, why not instead consider a pet friendly vacation rental? Our pet-friendly villas guarantee joyful waggy tails, as your pet will have loads of room inside to explore and can go outside freely. A dog friendly vacation rental is like a home away from home where your pet is treated like one of the guests. Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation or a pet friendly cabin in the mountains, we have vacation rentals to suit.

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Pet friendly vacation rentals with private pool

The best dog friendly vacations are defined by those special moments. Imagine a day spent exploring, whether you’ve been to Disney World in Florida, out hiking in beautiful scenery, or taking in the city sights, stopping off in pet friendly restaurants on the way. You get back to your villa, throw open the back doors and cool off, relax and splash in the pool with the family. 

pet friendly villas with pools

Pet friendly vacation home from home

Pet friendly cabin rentals

We have a fantastic selection of cabins and lodges for a cozy vacation with friends and all the family. Your pooches will love these homes and all the walks and smells for them to discover in the area! With ski lodges in Colorado or cabins on Lake Tahoe to enjoy kayaking and fishing, you will find a vacation rental for you and your dog that is full of charm and will allow you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Pet friendly resorts

Say goodbye to dog kennels and all the stress of leaving your pet at home. Whether you’re planning a trip to Florida, the Smoky Mountains, California or Texas, there are plenty of pet friendly resorts and options for you. We also have pet friendly villas in Europe. Rules and regulations about travelling abroad with pets are always changing, so make sure you are up to date with the latest guidance.

Pet friendly beach home rentals

If you want to take your much loved pet on your next sand and sun vacation, our oceanfront pet friendly rentals, with stunning views of the beach and lapping waves, will be perfect for you. Wake up to the fresh salty air, and take a walk with your dog along the beach, exploring the beauty of the coast.

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Pet friendly hotels vs Pet friendly villa

Dog friendly hotels will simply not offer you the same freedom as a dog friendly villa. Staying with your much loved pet will give you an altogether different vacation experience. Meal times are much more enjoyable for you and your pet when you have the freedom of a big, beautiful private kitchen. If your four-legged friend has a sudden call of nature, it’s much easier to take them out into a private garden or outside area in a vacation home. There are so many reasons to book a dog friendly villa for your next vacation with your best bud.

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