Vacation rentals with private home theatres

Discover fantastic villas with private theatres for unforgettable vacations


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Luxury vacation rentals with home theaters

Movie night has never been better than on vacation. Gather the whole family or your group of friends for an evening in, watching your favorite movies in a well-equipped home theater. The edge of the seat has never been more comfortable. Experience every gripping moment on a huge screen and become fully immersed with a surround sound entertainment system. Some of our villas take a more traditional approach with an overhead projector, making you feel as if you’re really in your own private movie theater. Grab some snacks and get cozy in a magnificent vacation rental with a home theater.

Reunion Resort 991

Villas with a media room and private pool

A villa with a media room and private pool is sure to make a splash with your vacation party. There will be a choice of activities for the group, whether you’re looking for some fun in the sunshine, relaxing by the poolside and taking a dip, or would prefer to get comfortable and watch some great entertainment in a home theater. If there are fun-seekers and film buffs in your party, a villa with a media room and private pool is an ideal choice.

St Helena St James

Family vacation homes with theater room and arcades

Looking for fun and adventure for the whole family on vacation?  Why should all the fun be restricted to the attractions outside the vacation home? Make the most of your exciting vacation by staying in a vacation home with a theater room and arcades. Extend the wonder by watching some family favorites in the comfort of your villa and continue the day’s fun with state-of-the-art arcade games in a games room. The kids will love it, and you will too!

Reunion Resort 394 arcade room