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Spectacular Arizona vacation rentals

Sunbaked Arizona is the 6th largest state in America, and features some of the country’s most awe-inspiring sites and experiences. Alongside the world-famous Grand Canyon, which draws millions of visitors every year, Arizona is home to fantastic buzzy cities, otherworldly landscapes, and out-of-this-world star-gazing. It is also a brilliant destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with Arizona golf vacations being a hot ticket and plenty of wilderness hikes and trails to enjoy.

Our Arizona vacation rentals are fantastic places to stay for family trips, long-term stays, and couples’ breaks. Choose from luxurious villas in popular vacation spots in Arizona, including Scottsdale, with great facilities, including private pools.

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Tiny house rentals in Arizona

Dreaming of a cozy tiny vacation rental for an unforgettable couples vacation or solo travel adventure? Our gorgeous tiny homes in Arizona are perfect for one or two people, with the ideal amount of space for a romantic, intimate break. Their small size doesn't mean that these homes aren't packed with luxurious features though. Squeezing in features such as private pools and garages, our small Arizona vacation rentals are tiny properties where you can create big memories.

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Dive in to Arizona rentals with a pool

The state of Arizona is absolutely bathed in sunshine. If you’re dreaming of a relaxing, poolside retreat where you can bask in the heat, then this is a fantastic destination to put at the top of your list. The properties here have pools in every style to suit every taste. Choose from grand, opulent, family-friendly, and traditional pools with special features including fountains and hot tubs.

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