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Sunny Scottsdale is full of surprises, with its incredible attractions and proximity to awesome Arizona sites making it a fabulous vacation destination. One of the biggest selling points is that Scottsdale basks in, on average, 330 days of sunshine a year, and enjoys balmy temperatures with it.

It is one of the top US destinations for art lovers, boasting 125 galleries and studios. Scottsdale is part of the greater Phoenix area and is within easy reach of Arizona’s amazing natural wonders, including the mighty Grand Canyon.

Find fabulous Scottsdale vacation rentals, where you can find beautiful homes that are perfectly placed for enjoying this wonderful city. Our Scottsdale vacation rentals are ideal for families, with some homes sleeping as many as 18 people. Private pools, gorgeous outdoor spaces, and chic interiors make our Scottsdale rentals truly beautiful places to stay, and extra special features such as home gyms, games rooms, pet-friendly facilities, and home theatres give you the unique experience of having everything you need at your fingertips for your entire stay.

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Monthly vacation rentals in Scottsdale, Arizona

There is so much to do and see in Arizona, that it makes sense to spend a little bit of extra time getting to know the Grand Canyon State. If you’ve got a long trip planned, take a look at our monthly vacation rentals in Scottsdale, Arizona. The beauty of staying somewhere for longer is that it allows you to really get to know a place, scratch below the surface, and enjoy things that you simply wouldn’t have time to in a week or two. Many of our vacation homes in Scottsdale are available for monthly rentals, or longer.

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Pet-friendly vacation rentals in Scottsdale

Take a trip for the whole family with our pet-friendly vacation rentals in Scottsdale. Arizona is a wild and wonderful place, perfect for vacations with your furry companions, and our beautiful villas are just the places to call home during your adventure. With fantastic facilities indoors and wonderful outdoor areas including private pools and plenty of space to run around, these fabulous homes are sure to cause many happily wagging tails.

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