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If you think Caribbean vacations are all about laying on beaches and sipping cocktails, think again! In Saint Lucia, you’re just as likely to find yourself exploring volcanoes, ziplining through rainforest canopies, and hitting the waves on a jetski or windsurfer. Of course, cocktails on the beach can be easily done as well.

Saint Lucia is a real melting pot of cultures, with each luxury resort and candy-colored town having its own distinct identity, shaped by the island’s unique geography and history.

A stay in one of our gorgeous Saint Lucia villas is a fantastic way to experience the laid-back lux of this beautiful Caribbean island. With incredible views of the Caribbean Sea and St Lucia’s gorgeous mountains, these beautiful homes are located in some of the island's most desirable destinations. It's not only the views that make them special; our Saint Lucia villas also have an unbeatable range of incredible features. From jaw-dropping infinity pools to on-site staff and fun-filled games rooms, the luxurious facilities on offer are sure to enhance your Saint Lucia vacation.

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Saint Lucia The Villa On The Bay

Saint Lucia luxury villa rentals with private pools

If there is one thing that St Lucia is known for, it’s luxury vacations. Our Saint Lucia luxury villa rentals with private pools are the best way to experience this incredible destination.

With options including breathtaking infinity pools and spacious lap pools in beautifully designed outdoor spaces, they are the perfect way to experience a top-tier Caribbean vacation. These exclusive vacation homes are available across Saint Lucia, including in popular destinations such Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay, and even with views of the majestic Pitons.

Tamarind House, St Lucia

St Lucia luxury villa rentals with staff

Indulge in a life of pure luxury in our St Lucia luxury villa rentals with staff. There are housekeepers, chefs, cooks, and butlers to choose from in selected vacation rentals, ensuring that you have the ultimate relaxing and decadent experience in this beautiful Caribbean destination.

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