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Tropical villas in Cap Estate

Gaze at the awesome Caribbean landscape from the terrace of a beautiful vacation home. Perched atop a hill, Cap Estate offers amazing views of St Lucia’s lush cliffs, volcanic beaches, and phenomenal mountains. 

Cap Estate is excellently situated 20 minutes from St Lucia’s capital, Castries. There are plenty of things to do across the island - hike through the rainforest to find hidden waterfalls, recline on sandy white beaches overlooking the deep blue ocean and experience exotic wildlife. 

Choose from our curated selection of villas in Cap Estate, St Lucia for a vibrant Caribbean getaway. Our stunning Cap Estate vacation rentals are designed with beautiful Caribbean styling and decor, to give guests an authentic taste of Saint Lucia. Luxurious facilities up the wow factor of the homes, with glamorous infinity pools, hot tubs, villa staff, home gyms, and much more available. With large villas for groups, family vacation rentals, and romantic small homes perfect for couples trips, our Cap Estate rentals are suitable for many different types of trips.

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Perfect ocean view villas at Cap Estate, St Lucia

The properties on offer here at Cap Estate offer some truly tremendous views over the island of St Lucia. Our villas, situated in prime, exclusive positions, often have sprawling views down towards the coast, over the glittering sea and to the rocky land rising out of the ocean beyond. Some properties even boast incredible infinity pools where you will feel like you could simply dive in from your patio, and keep swimming until you hit the next island over.

Explore our collection of stunning Cap Estate villas and browse through the incredible views these properties offer for yourself. You’re certain to find the horizon you want to wake up to. 

Cap Estate Brise de Mer villa

Cap Estate villas with private pools

What could be better than luxuriating in a gorgeous Saint Lucia villa? How about having one with your own private pool? Many of our stunning Cap Estate villas in Saint Lucia have private pools, offering you the ultimate luxury escape.

With beautiful infinity pools offering jaw-dropping views of the surrounding landscape, relaxing hot tubs, and smaller pools perfect for family fun, there are many options to choose from.

Wild Orchid villa with pool

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