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From beautiful beaches, to medieval castles, opulent palaces to breathtaking mountain ranges, this continent really does have it all - and you can experience it all from one of our beautiful villas in Europe. Home to every imaginable landscape and some of the world’s most famous landmarks. So if you’re a beach-side reader, culture fanatic or mountain-top trekker, heading to Europe is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for variety, stunning surroundings, and a huge range of activities to keep everyone in the family happy. 

Whatever you’re heading to Europe for, make sure you have somewhere incredible to stay too, with our extensive selection of European vacation rentals from all over the continent. Browse through beachside properties located within moments of golden sandy stretches, sprawling mansions with decadent decor and landscaped grounds nestled amongst acres of stunning countryside, and infinity pools looking out over sparkling oceans and lakes ringed with soaring mountains. Our Europe vacation rentals are some of the finest in the world. 

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Useful info

How many countries does Europe have?

There are 44 countries in Europe, divided up into four regions; Western Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe.

How big is Europe?

You may be surprised to know that Europe is actually the second smallest continent in the world after Australia. Europe has a landmass that covers 6.8% of the world, clocking in at 10.18 million kilometers squared.

How big is Europe compared to the US?

In terms of pure landmass, Europe is ever so slightly smaller than the USA, covering just 0.4 million square miles more. That means that all the states of the US would be able to fit within the continent.

What is the largest country in Europe?

Many people think that Russia is the largest country in Europe. While it is true that Russia is the largest country in the world, it actually spans across two continents, with its landmass shared by both Europe and Asia. This means that the biggest country in Europe, where the landmass is located entirely on the one continent, is Ukraine, with France clocking in in second place.

What is the smallest country of Europe?

If you are wandering the stunning streets of Rome, you may not even notice when you stumble into an entirely new country. Vatican City, located within the city of Rome, is a country in its own right, and home to the famous Sistine Chapel. Vatican City covers 0.44 kilometers squared, so it is seriously tiny! The second smallest country in Europe is Monaco, covering a grand total of 1.95 kilometers squared.

Do you tip in Europe?

Tipping standards vary from country to country. In some European destinations, tipping is sometimes included on the bill as standard, whereas in other locations, a 5-10% tip is normally customary and welcomed.

Does it snow in Europe?

Absolutely! Snow is not an uncommon sight in Europe, most especially in the winter. Some countries, such as Norway and Sweden, can have snow all year round to their north extremities. Otherwise, countries throughout Europe such as Austria, Poland and Germany, will typically see snowfall in the winter months. In Southern countries, such as Italy, snowfall is typically rare.

How many languages are spoken in Europe?

In terms of official languages, there are 24 used in Europe, with the most prevalent being English, then German, and then followed by French. However there are an estimated two hundred plus languages spoken in total between different communities and nationalities within the continent. 

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Large luxury villas Europe

With such an incredible choice of destinations, within a huge range of landscapes, Europe is the perfect destination for every type of traveler - whether as a couple, as a small family with little ones, or as a large group. If you’re part of the latter and looking for large vacation rentals that can offer space and privacy for every member of your party, then you’ll be delighted to discover the huge number of European villas for large groups scattered across the continent. From huge Spanish vistas to sprawling Italian villas with more bedrooms than you can count on both hands, you’re certain to find exactly what you need to keep everybody happy. 

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Long term vacation rentals Europe

Sometimes, a two week vacation just isn’t enough. When you visit somewhere as majestic as Lake Como, stunning as Mykonos or as rustic as Croatia, by the time you’ve finished relaxing, it’s time to head home. If you want to really make the most of your vacation, then why not consider a long term vacation rental? You can experience your chosen destination in Europe just as it's meant to be - slowly, at your leisure, and with time to experience every angle and explore every landscape. 

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