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From the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia and iconic mosaic wall of Park Güell in Barcelona to the sun-kissed city of Seville in the south, and everything in-between, Spain is a country of beauty, delectable cuisine, and incredible monuments. Perfect for those chasing the sun, as well as culture-lovers and adventurers alike, the Spanish landscape is hugely varied and offers something to keep every member of your family entertained. Explore the gorgeous countryside, bask in the sun on some of the most picture-perfect beaches in the Mediterranean, and wander the beautiful, orange-tree dappled streets of the local cities.

We have a villa in Spain for everybody. Whether you’re traveling with a young family and looking forward to making some beautiful memories together, dipping and diving into your own private swimming pools and enjoying alfresco dinners amongst landscaped gardens, or dreaming of a truly grand, sprawling property with an infinity pool that looks as if it feeds straight out into the glittering ocean, your dream Spanish villa awaits you.

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Private villas in Spain with private pools

The best way to beat the Mediterranean heat is to take a refreshing dip in your own private pool. Our gorgeous private villas in Spain with private pools are just the ticket for unforgettable vacations, with beautiful outdoor spaces, perfect for enjoying the glorious Spanish sunshine. Pools come in all shapes and sizes, from small plunge pools to large options for swimming lengths in. There are also sun loungers and alfresco dining areas around the pools, meaning that you can rest easy that the kids are being watched while they enjoy the water.

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Family villa rentals in Spain

Spain is a fantastic family vacation destination, with plenty of fun attractions and activities plus, of course, lots of gorgeous beaches to explore. Our family villa rentals in Spain are in some of the most sought-after destinations on both the mainland, in the stunning Costa Blanca and Andalusia regions, and the Spanish islands, including the ever-popular Tenerife and Mallorca. These homes are spacious, with enough room for everyone to enjoy their own space, and facilities, such as private pools, to keep everyone entertained.

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What is the capital of Spain?

The capital of Spain is Madrid; an absolute gem of a city filled with stunning, glittering  streets ripe for wandering, buildings brimming with history, and plenty of delectable restaurants to sample. Nestled in the heart of the country, in Madrid you will find architecture hundreds of years old juxtaposed by shimmering plazas, bustling boulevards and trickling fountains, as well as a decadent palace and galleries filled with the renowned work of famous Spanish artists.

What continent is Spain in?

Spain is located in Europe, nestled towards the West of the continent, and down towards the South with Portugal to the West and France to the North. The land towards the very bottom of Spain extends out towards the continent of Africa. 

Does it snow in Spain?

Yes, it can snow in Spain, with Northern regions sometimes receiving a healthy blanket of snow in the winter months. The mountainous areas of Spain can even have snow year-round, for example in the Pyrenees. There is rarely snow around coastal regions, and snow is unusual in cities such as Madrid, though not impossible. In winter time, however, even if it doesn’t snow it can get pretty cold, so you will need to pack a coat just in case. 

What countries border Spain?

Spain has a few borders with other countries; one with the smaller country of Portugal to the West of Spain, and one to the North with France, which is separated by a mountainous region. Within this mountainous region is the extraordinarily small country of Andorra, which has a landmass of 468 kilometers squared. Down towards the South, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, is nestled along the shore.

What is Spain known for?

Spain is a country renowned for many things. Food-wise, it has some of the best Paella and Tapas in the world, both of which originated in this country. It is also famed for its picturesque Mediterranean shoreline, for being the birthplace of Flamenco dancing (which is based on the folklore of Southern Spain) and for some incredible, iconic architecture, such as the famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. 

What is the climate in Spain?

Spain is well-loved for its typically balmy evenings, and delightfully toasty days, throughout the summer months, with warm temperatures also prevalent throughout spring and summer. In the winter however, Spain does get quite cold, especially on the mainland. Along the shore, you can expect the weather to be slightly warmer in winter, but if you are traveling over October into March, it is a good idea to make sure you pack some warm clothing, just in case, no matter where in Spain you go.

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