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What first comes to your mind when you think of beautiful Italy? Is it the sprawling vineyards of Tuscany, the sun-soaked island of Sardinia, the cities steeped in several millennia of history, or is it, dare we ask… the pizza?

Whatever it is about Italy you’re dreaming of, why not get booking your perfect vacation home ticked off your to-do list? Explore our extensive collection of Italy villas across the country to suit adventurers, beach-goers and culture-lovers alike, with a range of both stunningly rustic and modern villas located close to the most popular destinations in Italy.

Not only are our vacation homes some of the most beautiful in the country, but they also come with incredible features that will have you wishing you never have to leave. Expect sprawling views over breath-taking countryside, lakes and oceans, luxurious private swimming pools, and well-appointed interiors that provide every comfort you could possibly dream of. 

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Enjoy true beauty with our Italian lakes vacation rentals

The lakes of Italy are some of the most picturesque, romantic destinations in the world. With gentle, shimmering waters ringed by rising hills, dotted with quaint towns and quintessential Italian architecture with arches and flowers abound, once you’re here, it’s almost unimaginable to think about leaving. Whether you have Lake Como, Lake Garda, or another of Italy’s stunning lakes in mind, stay as close to the water’s edge and soak up as much of the atmosphere as possible by browsing our Italian lakes vacation rentals. From infinity pools that look as if they feed into the serene lakes themselves, to stunning properties that are towered over by the rising landscape, there’s something for every taste along the Italian lakes.

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Luxury villa rentals in Italy with staff

Italy is known for its beauty, and our gorgeous villas are no exception. So why not indulge in Italy’s decadent offerings with a well-appointed vacation rental, complete with extra staff? 

Try mouth-watering Italian cuisine prepared for you in a fully-equipped kitchen as you eat in a stylish dining room. Take a stroll in elegant, well-kept gardens while your home is cleaned and refreshed, dip your toes in a pristine private pool, and explore Italy’s gorgeous pastoral setting by private chauffeur. 

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What is the capital of Italy?

The capital of Italy is Rome. Rome is an ancient city drenched in culture and history. Filled with ruins and landmarks that put this city at the top of thousands of tourist’s destination lists, such as the Colosseum and Roman Forum. It is also the perfect Italian city to explore if you want to sample some of the incredible cuisine that Italy is famed for, with a huge range of quaint restaurants serving delectable dishes.

Does it snow in Italy?

Yes, it can snow in Italy, though it is not a regular occurrence. It mainly snows in the Northern, mountainous regions during December and January, and it can even reach destinations such as Milan and Lake Como. In rare events, snow can reach the capital, Rome, but it is typically unlikely. 

What countries border Italy?

Italy is a long country with mountainous land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia to the North, with the island of Sicily to the South looking out towards the shore of Tunis in Africa. 

What is Italy known for?

Italy is an extremely popular destination for a huge variety of reasons. From its incredible history and culture with ancient ruins and sites still open for visiting today, to it’s awe-inspiring medieval cities, and from it’s incredible countryside, landscapes and beaches, to cuisine and dishes that are enjoyed and celebrated all around the world. Italy is a county that has boundless activities, sights and tastes to enjoy.

How many regions in Italy?

Italy has 20 regions in total, with their own unique flags and of which are then further divided into provinces. Some regions are more well known than others. The regions you are most likely to have heard of include Tuscany, Umbria, Lombardy, Sicily, Sardinia, Lazio and Campania. 

Do you tip in Italy?

In Italy, it is generally expected that you only tip if you are very happy with a service provided. Whether you especially enjoyed your meal or were impressed by a server who went above and beyond for you, a decent tip is anywhere between 10% and 15% of your bill, or simply leaving behind the spare change after rounding up the cost.

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