Destinations in Portugal

Villa Luana Portugal villa with private pool

Villas in Portugal

From the incredible medieval coastal town of Porto to the North, to the picturesque town of Faro in the Algarve to the South, and from the vibrant, hilly capital of Lisbon to the breath-takingly beautiful islands of the Azores, you’re bound to find somewhere you will build memories to last a lifetime in Portugal. Bring comfortable footwear as you tackle the steep streets of Lisbon (or hop aboard the trams that run through the narrow streets and watch the city go by). Treat yourself to some glorious sunshine on the beautiful golden beaches. Wherever you want to go in Portugal, the country is filled to the brim with memorable monuments, awe-inspiring scenery, and vibrant, dynamic cities.

The beauty doesn’t stop at the end of the day when it’s time to head back to your accommodation. Our astounding range of vacation villas in Portugal ensure you experience the majesty of this country at every opportunity. Imagine white gems that stand proudly against the brilliantly blue sky, complete with landscaped lawns where the little ones can use up the rest of their energy, as well as private swimming pools that are wholly yours for the entirety of your stay. Not only are the villas themselves thoughtfully designed so that every one of your luxuries and comforts are considered, but they are all located in prime positions, close to some of the country’s best beaches, near bustling towns and cities, and in spots that offer some truly incredible views.

Airplane flying over buildings in Lisbon

Things to do in Portugal

  • Sunset over the sea on a golden Algarve beach
    Discover Portugal's stunning coastline with pristine beaches that offer endless sun, turquoise waters, and a vibrant atmosphere. From the Algarve to Costa Verde, Portugal beckons beach lovers to its shores.

  • View of the red rooftops of Lisbon
    Explore Portugal's charming cities, where historic architecture meets vibrant culture. From Lisbon's bustling streets to Porto's riverside charm, each city offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

  • Pena Palace in Sintra, a colorful red and yellow castle
    Historic sites
    Discover Portugal's rich history through its enchanting historic sites. From the majestic Sintra Palace to the ancient Roman Temple in Evora, immerse yourself in a journey through time and culture.

  • Water-filled volcanic caldera in the Azores
    Island hopping
    Explore Portugal's stunning islands - the Azores and Madeira - where nature's beauty flourishes. Experience unique landscapes, lush greenery, and vibrant cultures in these Atlantic gems.

  • Huge wave in Navarre, Portugal
    Experience the thrill of Portugal's dynamic watersports scene. Ride the waves with world-class surfing or explore the depths through exhilarating diving adventures. Discover aquatic excitement against stunning coastal backdrops.

  • Small town with white, yellow and blue buildings in the Algarve
    Discover Portugal's hidden gems in charming villages like Monsanto with its ancient boulders, Obidos with cobbled streets, and Sintra's fairytale allure. Immerse in history, culture, and stunning landscapes.

  • Camino de Santiago way marker in Portugal
    Walking and hiking
    Discover Portugal's scenic beauty on foot with invigorating walks and hikes. Follow historic trails like the iconic Camino de Santiago, immersing in the country's rich culture while exploring breathtaking landscapes.

  • Close up of a man's hand playing an E Minor chord on a classical guitar
    Fado Music
    Experience Portugal's soulful Fado music, an emotional journey through haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Unveil the nation's rich culture as you're immersed in the evocative sounds of this traditional art form.

  • Duoro Vallety landscape with river, vineyards and church
    Duoro Valley
    Discover Portugal's scenic Douro Valley, a picturesque wine region with terraced vineyards along the meandering river. Experience rich history, exquisite wines, and stunning landscapes in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • The Milky Way over a moor in Portugal
    Discover the mesmerizing allure of stargazing in Portugal's Alejento region, a celestial haven that beckons you to explore the night sky. Embrace the region's distinction as the first Starlight Tourism Destination.

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Enhance your Portugal villa experience with our exclusive services, designed to elevate your vacation to new heights. Picture yourself lounging by a private pool, basking in the glorious Mediterranean sun as a personal chef prepares a delectable feast curated to your palate. With our amazing Concierge services, you can tweak and tailor your Portugal vacation to fulfil your every need, creating a truly personal trip to remember forever.

Other destinations in Europe

Large family villas in Portugal - Villa Miramar Algarve traditional Portuguese villa with large pool and sun loungers outside

Large family villas in Portugal

With countless incredible cities, stunning natural places and fun-filled activities, Portugal is a fabulous place for a vacation. With our large family villas in Portugal’s spectacular Algarve region, you can explore the sites and attractions of the country from the luxurious comfort, space and privacy of a beautiful rental home. With the largest villa in our Portugal collection sleeping 10 people, there’s plenty of room for the whole family.

These family villas boast generous living areas, thoughtfully furnished to provide relaxation and togetherness. With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, there's plenty of room for everyone to unwind and find their own sanctuary. The well-appointed kitchens provide the opportunity to cook and share delicious meals together, fostering a sense of closeness that truly defines a family vacation. Outside, you'll find spacious private gardens and inviting swimming pools, where laughter and play can thrive under the warm Portuguese sun.

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Rural villas in Portugal

Home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, Portugal is a fantastic place to get away from it all in some incredible natural spaces. Our rural villas in Portugal are situated in some of the prettiest countryside locations of the southern Algarve region, offering phenomenal views and quiet rural living, all the while being close enough to the beaches, towns, and resorts that southern Portugal is famous for.

Indulge in the simple pleasures of life as you unwind in the private garden of your villa, complete with a refreshing swimming pool that provides respite from the warm Portuguese sun. Whether you're savoring a morning coffee on the terrace or enjoying an alfresco dining experience under the starlit sky, these rural retreats offer a sense of tranquility that rejuvenates the soul.

Villa Vega villas in Portugal with pools

Villas in Portugal with pools

Indulge in the ultimate Portuguese escape by choosing one of our handpicked villas that boast enticing private pools. These splendid accommodations invite you to immerse yourself in the charm of Portugal, offering a seamless blend of modern comfort and authentic character.

Indulge in the ultimate Portuguese escape by choosing one of our handpicked villas that boast enticing private pools. These splendid accommodations invite you to immerse yourself in the charm of Portugal, offering a seamless blend of modern comfort and authentic character.