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Vacation rentals for couples

Find wonderful vacation rentals for couples for the two of you to escape to.

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Luxury vacation rentals for couples

Whether you’re going for your yearly adventure together, or looking for something extra romantic for a special occasion, staying in one of our beautiful vacation rentals for couples with your sweetheart is a sure-fire way to build memories to last a lifetime. From exploring the incredible beaches of Bali, to being in the heart of the action with a villa in Orlando, where you stay has a big impact on your vacation. So make sure you choose the perfect villa for the two of you.

 If you’re dreaming of curling up on a patio while you take in a blazing sunset, want to drift in a private swimming pool together while you gaze out at the horizon of the sprawling ocean, or are after something extra charming and romantic for your honeymoon or elopement, our villas for couples won’t disappoint. For seclusion, privacy, and the best romantic vibes, we highly recommend one of our cabin rentals for couples, where you can reconnect with nature as well as each other.

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Villa Relax, Fuerteventura

Private villas for couples on the beach

Is there anything more romantic than the sound of the whispering waves lulling you to sleep, or the sight of the sun setting over a stunning, tropical beach, the oranges and reds shimmering on the delicate surface of the ocean? With the romantic air of the shoreline in a tropical paradise, it's no wonder why so many couples head to the beaches to spend some quality time together. With nothing to do but take in the scenery, plunge toes into cool water, and simply bask in the sunshine and ambience, our beach house rentals for couples are the perfect place to unwind.

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Cabins for couples

Looking for a way to reconnect both with your loved one and with nature? Our couples cabin getaways give you the chance to do just that. Whether part of a small resort, or a truly secluded property worlds away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, you two can grow closer than ever before in the shadow of a mountain, in both brilliant sunshine or powdery snow. Take in the view of the awe-inspiring scenery from the balcony, with a glass of bubbly in hand, relax together in your private hot tub, or simply curl up beside the fireplace - with a couples cabin rental, the freedom and choice is all yours.

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Villas for couples with private pool

If your idea of spending quality time together involves diving into a beautifully designed swimming pool, then you’re in luck. Even a lot of our smaller villas come with private pools. The hustle and bustle of trying to squeeze into a communal pool won’t detract from the special time you’re spending together - these pools are completely and utterly yours to use however and whenever you like throughout the entirety of your stay. Some even come with hot tubs and plunge pools, so the two of you may never want to leave your vacation home at all!

Vacation rentals for couples with pool
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