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Cabin rentals with hot tubs

Dreaming of sinking into the bubbling, steaming depths of a hot tub whilst on vacation? Whether for a special occasion, or simply to indulge in some proper pampering, our cabin rentals with private hot tubs are the ultimate in charm. Cozy log cabins come complete with blazing fireplaces, inviting interiors, and of course, the essential hot tub where you can sink down, feel the stresses of reality slip away into the water, and take in the view.

pigeon forge 16 hot tub

Winter cabin rentals with hot tub

Booking a cabin in winter is the perfect, whimsical escape. Whether you want to head to the mountains and catch a glimpse of some snow, want to get away for the festive season, or are hoping to hit the slopes, a cozy cabin in winter is truly unbeatable. Experience true warmth as you spend your days swapping between curling up beside a blazing hearth, and taking in the sight of the snowy wonderland around you from the comfort of your hot tub. Here, you will feel refreshed and pampered and ready to get back to day-to-day life. 

hot tub in the snow in breckenridge

Villa with hot tub and pool

If you’re seeking a vacation villa, complete with plenty of amenities and in incredible locations all across the world, then we have you covered. Many of our properties come with both swimming pools and hot tubs, so you can choose between sinking into some hot, bubbling goodness, and stretching your limbs out for a few laps in your private pool. With both of these available on your vacation property, you may be hard-pressed to bring yourself to leave!

pool and hot tub at Reunion Resort