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Encompassing 4 countries and a massive variety of landscapes, history, and culture, the UK is a vacation destination that packs a lot into 93,630 square miles. Whether it’s the bustling multiculturalism of cities such as London, Birmingham, or Manchester, destinations dripping with history like Canterbury and Oxford, or wild and wonderful places in the Scottish Highlands or the Yorkshire Moors, there are many unique and fascinating places to visit on a vacation in the United Kingdom.

Our UK vacation rentals are ideal for all of your holiday needs. Stay in beautiful British locations, in utterly glorious style and comfort with our vacation homes. You will feel like you have stepped straight into a Jane Austen novel with a stay in one of our rustic cottages, nestled in the heart of the beautiful rolling countryside. Sip tea as you settle down with a book in your stunning garden, or head out to explore the local area; a visit to the UK is the perfect time to reconnect; both with yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. You can even add on exquisite Travel Extras, such as private chefs, chauffeurs, and maid service to take your trip to the next luxurious level.

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Charming cottage rentals in the UK

There are few things more delightful than a traditional British cottage. These homes are in beautiful countryside locations and are steeped in history, with authentic features and decor making it seem as though you’ve stepped back in time. That’s not to say that these cottage rentals don’t come with all the mod cons as well; they strike a perfect balance between charmingly authentic and luxurious.

The homes feature large, comfortable living spaces, fully equipped kitchens, and beautiful outdoor spaces. The British weather might not always be predictable, but when it’s good, there is nowhere better to enjoy it than in an English country garden.

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Large country house holiday rentals in the UK

Sometimes, you want somewhere with a bit more space. With our large country house holiday rentals in the UK, you and your family can enjoy all the space, luxury, and privacy that you need, with plenty of room both inside and out for making special vacation memories. The interiors of our English country homes are traditional, with pleasing cottage-style decor, while outdoor areas are the epitome of quaint country garden charm.

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Is Great Britain the same as the United Kingdom?

Technically, no. The United Kingdom refers to a collective of the following countries; England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is made up of England, Wales, and Scotland, but doesn't inclue Northern Ireland. However, the terms are often used interchangeably in common conversation, though this is an important distinction.

How many countries in the UK?

The UK comprises four countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What is the capital of the United Kingdom?

The capital of the United Kingdom is London, which is also the capital of England. The other three countries all each have their own capitals too; Edinburgh in Scotland, Cardiff in Wales, and Belfast in Northern Ireland. 

How big is the UK?

With the landmass of all countries that make up the United Kingdom, there is a total of 242,495 kilometers squared. Over the four countries in the UK, there is a total population of just over 67 million people, which is quite a large population considering the small landmass. Huge proportions of the population live within the UK’s capital cities, with over nine million living in London alone, around half a million living in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, around 350,000 in the capital of Wales, Cardiff, with a similar amount living in the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast.

How big is the UK compared to the US?

With a total of 242,495 kilometers squared making up the landmass of the UK, it is a significantly smaller country than the USA. The state that is closest in size is Oregon, which is slightly bigger at 255,026 kilometers squared.

What continent is the UK in?

The UK is on the continent of Europe. It is an island nation located to the very west, with the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and mainland, continental Europe on the other. From Dover in the southeast, you can even see the coastline of France on a very clear day. 

How far is the UK from the US?

The UK and the US sit on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, which is the second largest ocean in the world after the Pacific ocean separating North America and Asia. If you caught a flight to New York from London, you would cover nearly 3 and a half thousand miles, and the journey would take around 7 hours. 

Does it snow in the UK?

Yes it can snow in the UK. In the south of England, there is a good chance of snow in the winter months, especially December, January and February. To the North of England and Scotland, snow is quite likely in the colder months, with the areas of higher elevation experiencing an average snowfall of around 100 days out of 365. Similarly in Wales, snow is more likely in the higher altitude areas, but is quite unlikely along the coast, and snow is typically unlikely in Northern Ireland.

Can you drive from the UK to France?

You can take a car from the UK to France, though it is not possible to drive the whole way as the two nations are separated by a body of water known as the English Channel, and there is no bridge between the two. Instead, there are other transport options such as a ferry and a train that runs underneath the channel, in which you can take your car, and resume driving once you disembark on the other side. 

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