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Sicily, the island at the very toe of Italy’s famous boot-shape, is renowned for its stunning beaches, charming coastal towns with far-reaching ocean views, and ruins and monuments dating back hundreds upon hundreds of years. Sicily is the perfect destination for those who can’t decide between a sunny, beach holiday, and an awe-inspiring cultural vacation, because here, you can enjoy both! 

Why not visit the picturesque port city of Catania, an ancient city at the foot of Mount Etna? Or perhaps explore the vibrant city of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, with its busy markets and breath-taking royal palace dating all the way back to the 9th century. 

When you’re done sampling all the delights this island has to offer, head back to your luxurious, well-appointed vacation home. Our collection of elite Sicily properties are nestled in private, stunning surroundings, and offer breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside and endless glittering ocean. Watch the sun go down over the horizon as you float in your pool, or simply bask in the ambience of your sumptuously designed villa - in Sicily, the possibilities are endless.

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Historia Sicily villa - a large, grand mansion with large lawned garden and staircase in front

Pet-friendly villas in Sicily

The Sicilian countryside is famously beautiful, and it is a must-visit destination for fans of nature and the great outdoors. That means that it is a fantastic place to take your pet away for a luxurious vacation, and for that, you’ll need a pet-friendly villa in Sicily to stay at. We have a great choice of incredible rental homes for you and your animal companions, with pet-orientated touches such as outdoor spaces to run and play in, alongside features for you to enjoy, such as beautiful pools and stunning sea views.

Sicily Cornelia villa Italy


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Seafront villas in Sicily

Get used to sublime views, you'll be seeing a lot of them in our seafront villas in Sicily! Set along the island's most beautiful stretches of coastline, these lovely homes are ideal for family getaways and romantic couples' vacations by the sea. With features including ocean-facing balconies, panoramic windows, and private pools with sea views, you can enjoy looking at the glittering water from morning through night.

Dione Sicily sea view villa

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Is Sicily part of Italy?

Yes, the isle of Sicily is an Italian island, located in the south. The largest island in the Mediterranean, it is located at the tip of Italy’s toe. It is home to incredible cultural sites, ruins ripe for exploration, and on the eastern side of the island, Europe’s most active volcanoes, Mount Etna, stands proudly against the sky.

Is Sicily a country?

No, Sicily is not it’s own country. It is an island belonging to Italy towards the South of the country In terms of landmass, Sicily is Italy’s largest island. 

Where is Sicily located?

If Italy were described as “boot-shaped”, then Sicily would be the small object that the toe of the boot appears to be kicking, down towards the south. 

How big is Sicily?

Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands, clocking in with an area of 25,711 square kilometers, which means it is most similar in size to the state of New York in the USA. In terms of population, it has an estimated five million inhabitants.

How to get from Italy to Sicily?

To get from mainland Italy to the island of Sicily, it is possible to catch a ferry from the tip of the boot of Italy, into Messina. Otherwise, it is possible to catch a flight from some of the airports in Italy to the island, for example, Florence and Rome. 

How to get from Sardinia to Sicily?

There are ferries available that make the crossing between the two Italian Islands. Going between Cagliari in Sardinia, to Palermo in Sicily, you can expect the journey time to take around 12 hours. It is also possible to travel between Cagliari and Palermo via plane, with a flight time of around three and a half hours.

Does it snow in Sicily?

While Sicily does experience cold weather throughout winter, as an island nestled deep in the Mediterranean, the climate is typically mild. On rare occasions, it can get cold enough for snow to make an appearance, mostly along the North coast, in cities such as Palermo, but it is unlikely to head South. However, the typical temperature range in Sicily in the dead of winter is around 42 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, so snow is generally unlikely.

Where are the best beaches in Sicily?

Close to the city of Palermo lies Mondello, a pristine stretch of sandy shore ringed with looming hills, and complete with picturesque, turquoise waters. With a similar idyllic atmosphere and surrounded by incredible rocky formations, there is also San Vito lo Capo, located West of Palermo, just under a two hour drive away. 

Rooftop of 18th century cathedral in Catania, Sicily