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Boasting a gorgeous coastline, balmy Mediterranean temperatures, unique historical sites, pulsating nightlife, and fabulous cuisine, Cyprus is an island that leaves a big impact on visitors. The best thing about Cyprus is its chameleon-like ability to suit all types of travelers; if you’re a partier, then the pumping music of clubs in Ayia Napa will surely tempt, while beach lovers will be spoilt for choice with 160 beaches, many holding the coveted Blue Flag. 

Explore this beautiful island from a traditional villa in Cyprus. You can choose from a selection of stunning homes near historic Paphos on the west coast, complete with rustic stone features and bright facades that seem to glow in the beautiful sunshine in Cyprus. Our carefully chosen homes spare no details, with amenities that ensure your vacation is as comfortable and luxurious as possible with well-appointed interiors, alfresco dining areas, and elite locations. They also boast other fantastic features such as private pools and uninterrupted sea views, so that your Cyprus vacation will truly be one to remember.

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Bask in true beauty with our ocean view villas in Cyprus

A small island located in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has endless miles of ocean surrounding it. Benefitting from the temperate climate of the area and boasting pristine, perfect beaches, it’s no wonder so many choose Cyprus for their beach holiday. If you too are dreaming of boundless waters and sunsets on the horizon, shimmering along the surface of the Med then browse our ocean view villas in Cyprus. Sit on your patio or laze in your pool as you gaze out towards Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, or Crete, depending on where you choose to stay.

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Cyprus villas with private pools

Soak up the Cypriot sun in one of our beautiful villas in Cyrpus with private pools. These traditionally designed homes have tiled areas outside, featuring pools big enough for swimming or smaller ones for relaxing in the cool water. In addition, these fantastic alfresco areas have loungers for relaxing and space for enjoying a meal outdoors.

Cyprus Aqua View

Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island nation of Europe, located to the very East, and down towards the South of the continent. Resting in the Mediterranean sea, this large island looks out towards Turkey to the North, Syria and Israel to the East and South East, with Egypt directly South. If you were to set off West from Cyprus, you would eventually land in Crete, which is a large Greek island that shares the Mediterranean. 

What language do they speak in Cyprus?

Cyprus has two official languages; Greek and Turkish. Turkish is typically spoken in the North East part of the country, with Greek being the predominant tongue in the South. 

What is the capital of Cyprus?

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, divided into two by a Greek side and a Turkish side. The capital is filled with ancient architecture, and is an important archaeological site as artifacts from the Neolithic all the way up to the Byzantine periods have been found. The capital also comes complete with awe-inspiring 16th century Venetian walls that encircle the city. 

Is Cyprus a Greek island?

No, while Cyprus has a large region that takes up half the island that is considered ‘culturally Greek’, it doesn’t actually belong to the nation of Greece. Furthermore, the other half of the island is considered Turkish Cypriot.

How many beaches are there in Cyprus?

As an island, Cyprus has miles upon miles of coastline to boast of, with plenty that offer idyllic sandy shores, and the sparkling clear water that is synonymous with the Mediterranean. In terms of registered beaches, there are currently 160 that also provide amenities for its visiting guests, such as places to eat and bathrooms. So if you’re dreaming of relaxing by whispering waves with your toes in warm sand, you’re in luck in Cyprus.

Where can you see flamingos in Cyprus?

If you’re hoping to spot these awe-inspiring, iconic pink birds during your trip to Cyprus, then your best bet is to head to one of the country’s salt lakes. In the rainy season throughout winter, flamingos often flock to these lakes to search for shrimp. Popular destinations to spot flamingos include the lakes in Larnaca, Limassol, and Paralimni.

How many airports does Cyprus have?

Cyprus has a total of four airport that can be used by citizens and visitors to the country. The main airport is in Larnaca in the South of Cyprus, with the second busiest airport found in Paphos to the West of the island. 

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