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A beautiful island located in the Caribbean, Grenada, is also sometimes known as the ‘Isle of Spice’ and comprises a larger mainland and several smaller surrounding islands. Famed for its picturesque tropical beaches that seem like they have been lifted straight out of a postcard, hilly Grenada is a top choice for a luxurious, dreamy beachside vacation. 

Head to Grenada’s capital, St George’s, to wander the pastel-colored neighborhoods and experience the activity of the bustling port and explore the many attractions the island has to offer, like the Ammandale Forest & Waterfall park, or simply sink back and relax in the sand beside your stunning Grenada beach house rental or villa - the choice is yours.

Our villas in Grenada are pure Caribbean luxury. Offering incredible views of the azure sea, easy access to the island's best attractions, and fantastic facilities and features, these stunning vacation rentals are the ultimate places to stay for unforgettable Grenada adventures. Amazing features come as standard in our villas in Grenada and can include private infinity pools, on-site staff, home gyms, and even pet-friendly facilities for your four-legged family members. With villas suitable for up to 32 guests as well as small and romantic rentals for couples, our Grenada villas offer a brilliant range of choice for every style of vacation.

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The Point At Petit Calivingy 5 villa in Grenada

Grand Grenada beach house rentals

Grenada is blessed with fabulous stretches of unspoiled beaches. The 16th-century Spanish explorers, who gave Grenada its name, would not have been disappointed by the sight of the island’s golden coastline as they sailed by on their search for ‘El Dorado’.

Situated directly on the bay, our Grenada beach house rentals make the most of the island’s white sandy stretches. Placing you just a short walk from the shore, each spacious vacation home offers astonishing views of dramatic sunsets and the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Recline in the comfort of a well-appointed luxury villa and enjoy fragrant sea breezes.

The Beach House Grenada

Luxury vacation rentals in Grenada that are pet-friendly

It's not just humans that enjoy a luxurious vacation from time-to-time, our four-legged friends also enjoy going on holiday! Many of our luxury villas in Grenada are pet-friendly, so you can bring your pup along for the trip.

In our pet-friendly villas, you can expect all the amenities and facilities that you could need, in a gorgeous Grenada vacation rental that is as welcoming to pooches as it is to people, and is perfectly located for accessing beautiful beaches and walks on the island.

Mount Hartman Estate pet-friendly villa

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