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For winter sports fans, it’s no secret that Montana’s wild and spectacular landscape makes it a fantastic vacation destination, but now everyone else is starting to realize this too. The largest landlocked state in America is a land of towering mountains, sweeping valleys, and some of America’s finest national parks, including the mighty Yellowstone.

Beyond the ski slopes and scenery, Montana is also a wonderful place for family adventures, with water sports, dinosaurs, and plenty of fun museums.

Find and book beautiful Montana vacation rentals for the ultimate escape to the Treasure State, in summer or winter. If you’re after a ski base, these homes are perfect, with plenty of space and easy access to the slopes. Cozy interiors beckon you home after a busy day exploring the wintery outdoors, with authentic wood paneling, crackling log fires, and panoramic windows worthy of a luxury Montana vacation rental. These cabins are ideal for families and large groups, with a range of homes sleeping up to 18 guests. Or, you can opt for a small and charming Montana vacation rental in the mountains, ideal for a romantic trip with your nearest and dearest.

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Reconnect with nature in a stunning Montana mountain cabin

Montana boasts an incredible, mountainous landscape. Whether you’re planning on heading there in the snow season to make the most of its incredible skiing conditions, or are hoping to bask in the sunshine, it really is a fantastic destination no matter the season. And no stay in the mountains is complete without a stunning cabin where you can really soak in the other-worldy atmosphere and breathtaking wilderness.

Whether nestled in the shadow of Montana’s mountains, or with incredible, far-reaching views of the ranges in the distance, there is sure to be a Montana mountain cabin calling out your name.

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Luxury cabins in Montana with hot tubs

Imagine this; it's a chilly fall evening in Montana. The rolling mountains are carpeted in a golden swathe of trees wearing their autumn colors, and overhead the first stars of the evening begin to twinkle in the velvety navy of the night sky. The freshness of the wind doesn't bother you as you sink lower into a warm, bubbly hot tub, the soothing waters enveloping you and soaking away the aches from a day spent walking in the mountains. Our luxury cabins in Montana with hot tubs give you all this and more, with fantastic outdoor and covered tubs with incredible views of the forests and mountains.

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What is the capital of Montana?

The capital of Montana is Helena.

Is Yellowstone in Montana?

Yellowstone National Park straddles three states, one of which is Montana. The other two are Idaho and Wyoming.

Does it snow in Montana?

Yes, it snows in Montana. During the winter, some places in the state can see as much as 213 inches of snowfall throughout the winter season, making Montana a fantastic place for a ski vacation.

What is there to do in Montana?

Montana is an amazing place for fans of the great outdoors, with access to some of America’s most beautiful national parks, as well as breathtaking mountain scenery and spectacular glacial lakes. During the colder months, resorts such as Big Sky are popular for skiing and other winter sports.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Montana?

Yes, you can. Glacier National Park is a magnificent place to do a spot of aurora spotting, and, if the conditions are right, the views of it from here are awe-inspiring. The lack of light pollution in Glacier National Park gives you a fantastic chance of seeing the beautiful charged particles dancing through the Earth’s atmosphere.

How cold does it get in Montana?

Montana is one of the coldest states in America, and winter lasts for many months. The average winter temperature across Montana is around 11 °F, often falling even lower than that. Montana also sees a higher than average amount of annual snowfall, when compared to the rest of America.

What is the weather like in Montana?

Montana weather varies in different regions across the state. The mountainous west can see weather patterns quite different from those in the prairie-dominated east. Generally, summers are short, dry, and warm, while the shoulder seasons and winter are far colder, seeing high levels of snowfall and windy conditions.

Are there snakes in Montana?

There are 10 species of snakes that call Montana home, and out of those, only one poses any threat at all to humans. The Praire Rattlesnake is Montana’s only venomous snake, and they usually live in arid, open-air spaces, like in the east of the state.

Are there tornadoes in Montana?

Montana sees an average of 6 tornadoes every year, and almost all of those are ranked at rate EFO, which is the lowest grade for twisters.