Big Sky 43 Montana cabin rental in the snow

Montana Cabin Rentals

For winter sports fans, it’s no secret that Montana’s wild and spectacular landscape makes it a fantastic vacation destination, but now everyone else is starting to realize this too. The largest landlocked state in America is a land of towering mountains, sweeping valleys, and some of America’s finest national parks, including the mighty Yellowstone.

Beyond the ski slopes and scenery, Montana is also a wonderful place for family adventures, with water sports, dinosaurs, and plenty of fun museums.

Find and book beautiful Montana vacation rentals for the ultimate escape to the Treasure State, in summer or winter. If you’re after a ski base, these homes are perfect, with plenty of space and easy access to the slopes. Cozy interiors beckon you home after a busy day exploring the wintery outdoors, with authentic wood paneling, crackling log fires, and panoramic windows worthy of a luxury Montana vacation rental. These cabins are ideal for families and large groups, with a range of homes sleeping up to 18 guests. Or, you can opt for a small and charming Montana vacation rental in the mountains, ideal for a romantic trip with your nearest and dearest.

Road sign saying 'Welcome to Montana'

Things to do in Montana

  • Landscape in Glacier National Park
    Glacier National Park
    Glacier National Park boasts stunning alpine landscapes, abundant wildlife, and over 700 miles of trails. Its glaciers are melting due to climate change, impacting the ecosystem and water sources.

  • Montana State Capital building
    Montana State Capitol
    Montana State Capitol, a dignified structure in Helena, graces the landscape with its imposing presence. Rich history and architectural grandeur reflect the state's governance and heritage.

  • Snow covered landscape in Big Sky
    Big Sky Resort
    Big Sky Resort offers breathtaking mountain views, extensive ski trails, and a tranquil atmosphere. It's a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting ample recreational activities and a cozy alpine ambiance.

  • A bison standing in a valley in the snow
    Bison spotting
    Montana offers the chance to witness bison roaming freely. The landscape frames these iconic creatures, creating an authentic and immersive experience in the wild heart of the American West.

  • Geyser erupting in Yellowstone National Park
    Yellowstone National Park
    Yellowstone National Park boasts geothermal wonders, like Old Faithful geyser, diverse wildlife such as grizzly bears and bison, and stunning landscapes encompassing canyons, rivers, and hot springs.

  • American flag, cemetery and information center at Little Bighorn Battlefield Memorial
    Little Bighorn Battle Memorial
    The Little Bighorn Battle Memorial commemorates the 1876 conflict between the U.S. Army and Lakota and Arapaho tribes. It honors lives lost and the historical significance of the clash.

  • Flathead Lake landscape
    Flathead Lake
    Flathead Lake, Montana's largest freshwater lake, boasts stunning mountain-framed vistas. Crystal-clear waters invite recreation, while its expansive shoreline offers diverse activities. An iconic gem in the state's landscape.

  • Old mining cart and equipment on rails
    World Museum of Mining
    The World Museum of Mining offers an engaging exploration into mining history. Its exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays provide insight into the industry's evolution and significance, making for an educational visit.

  • Woodland landscape with mountains
    Beverhead-Deerlodge National Forest
    Beverhead-Deerlodge National Forest boasts diverse landscapes, from rugged mountains to lush valleys. Abundant wildlife and varied recreational opportunities make it a destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

  • Milky Way over a Montana forest
    Stargazing at Hyalite Canyon
    Gaze into the night at Hyalite Canyon, where untouched nature unveils a celestial spectacle. Amidst tranquil surroundings, stars illuminate the sky, offering an enchanting escape into the cosmos's beauty.

  • Quake Lake in Montana
    Quake Lake
    Quake Lake was formed in 1959 after an earthquake triggered a massive landslide. The natural disaster reshaped the landscape, leaving a lasting reminder of its power and impact.

  • Landscape at Makoshika National Park
    Makoshika State Park
    Makoshika State Park boasts striking landscapes of badlands, rugged terrain, and unique geological formations. Rich in history and paleontological treasures, it offers a fascinating outdoor experience for visitors.

  • A replica T-Rex skull on display in Montana
    Dinosaur hunting
    In Montana, the pursuit of dinosaur relics thrives. Vast landscapes echo ancient times, inviting enthusiasts to uncover prehistoric mysteries beneath the earth's surface.

  • Bunch of huckleberries on a bush
    Pick wild huckleberries
    Harvesting wild huckleberries in Montana offers a rustic adventure, immersing you in nature's bounty. Engage in the untamed landscape, savoring the joy of handpicking these delicious treasures.

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Montana vacation rentals with Travel Extras

When it comes to experiencing the majestic landscapes of Montana, our vacation rentals with Travel Extras offer an unparalleled opportunity to make your stay truly extraordinary.

To elevate your Montana adventure, our Travel Extras offer a range of exclusive experiences, such as private chef services, spa treatments, attraction tickets, and more.

Whether you're seeking a peaceful mountain retreat or an action-packed outdoor adventure, our Montana vacation rentals with Travel Extras ensure an unforgettable and personalized experience. Let Top Villas be your gateway to an extraordinary vacation in the heart of Big Sky Country.

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Stunning Montana mountain cabins Big Sky 16 tradiitonal cabin in the snow

Stunning Montana mountain cabins

Montana boasts an incredible, mountainous landscape. Whether you’re planning on heading there in the snow season to make the most of its incredible skiing conditions, or are hoping to bask in the sunshine, it really is a fantastic destination no matter the season. And no stay in the mountains is complete without a stunning cabin where you can really soak in the other-worldly atmosphere and breathtaking wilderness.

Whether nestled in the shadow of Montana’s mountains, or with incredible, far-reaching views of the ranges in the distance, there is sure to be a Montana mountain cabin calling out your name.

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Luxury cabins in Montana with hot tubs

Imagine this; it's a chilly fall evening in Montana. The rolling mountains are carpeted in a golden swathe of trees wearing their autumn colors, and overhead the first stars of the evening begin to twinkle in the velvety navy of the night sky.

The freshness of the wind doesn't bother you as you sink lower into a warm, bubbly hot tub, the soothing waters enveloping you and soaking away the aches from a day spent walking in the mountains. Our luxury cabins in Montana with hot tubs give you all this and more, with fantastic outdoor and covered tubs with incredible views of the forests and mountains.

Big Sky 110 Montana vacation homes with game rooms

Montana vacation homes with game rooms

Welcome to Montana, where adventure and luxury collide in the form of our exquisite vacation homes with game rooms. These spacious and beautifully designed properties are the perfect retreat for families and groups looking to experience the rugged beauty of the Big Sky Country while enjoying endless entertainment options. Step into your private game room, equipped with billiards, foosball, and board games, for hours of friendly competition and laughter.

Whether you're challenging your loved ones to a game of pool or engaging in a spirited foosball match, the game rooms in our Montana vacation homes are sure to create lasting memories. After a day of exploring Montana's majestic landscapes, gather in the game room for some indoor fun, creating a perfect balance of excitement and relaxation in the comfort of your own vacation home.