Orlando vacation homes with movie theaters

It’s a little-known fact that some of the best vacation rentals in Orlando house spectacular movie theaters. These private cinemas are a lot more luxurious than your run-of-the-mill multiplexes, and some are even themed, featuring characters from smash-hit movie franchises like James Bond. Whether you’re a massive movie fan or simply feel like you’d enjoy a quiet night in after a day at the theme parks, there’s an Orlando movie theater just for you.

This out-of-this-world theater

Reunion Resort 871

This vacation home in Orlando has a Star Wars-themed movie theater

See your favorite movies brought to life in this awesome home cinema. Reunion Resort 871’s theater room provides plush leather chairs with cup holders, plus walls decorated with out-of-this-world decals.

This super-cool theater

Reunion Resort 454

6 (1)

Brrr! An icy-cold movie experience awaits you in Reunion Resort 454’s theater room. The winter wonderland inspired decor and plush leather sofas offer all the comfort you’ll need for a family night at the movies.

The ‘golden age of cinema’ theater

Reunion Resort 462

Villas in Orlando from just $17 per person, per night!

Championsgate 202
Championsgate 202
9 bedrooms – sleeps 22
Championsgate 520
Championsgate 520
9 bedrooms – sleeps 23
Championsgate 236
Championsgate 236
9 bedrooms – sleeps 22

6 (3)

The traditional-style theater at Reunion Resort 462 oozes comfort and style. The plush red seats and elegant curtains will whisk you back to the golden age of cinema. Turn back the clock and enjoy a trip to the movies like no other.

The drive-in movie theater

Reunion Resort 29

best movie theaters in orlando

Enjoy a movie beneath the ‘stars’ as you watch your favourite movies at Reunion Resort 29’s amazing cinema room, themed like a drive-in theater. It’s just like the real thing, but with none of the traffic  – and much more comfortable seats.

Reunion Resort 1008

movie thaters in orlando vacation homes

Affordable resorts near Disney World in Orlando

Championsgate Resort Orlando
6 miles from Disney
Solterra Resort Orlando
Solterra Resort
8 miles from Disney
Windsor Hills Resort
Windsor Hills
2 miles from Disney

There’s another drive-in-style theater hidden away inside Reunion Resort 1008, featuring twinkling lights and seats made to look like vintage cars.

The 28-seat theater

Reunion Resort 2500

One of the biggest in-villa movie theaters in Orlando, the vast cinema at Reunion Resort 2500 seats up to 28 people. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends, whether you’re watching box sets, blockbusters or big games.

The spy hero theater

Reunion Resort 10000

The multi-tiered movie theater at Reunion Resort 10000 takes inspiration from the world’s most famous spy series. Needless to say, this cinema with surround sound is the ideal place to catch up on the latest action and adventure films.

Condos in Orlando from just $14 per person, per night!

Windsor Hills 435
Windsor Hills 435
3 bedrooms – sleeps 6
Windsor Hills 327
Windsor Hills 327
2 bedrooms – sleeps 4
Windsor Palms Resort 24
Windsor Palms Resort 24
9 bedrooms – sleeps 22

Reunion Resort 800

The best movie theaters in Orlando

Mr Bond’s car bursts through the back wall at Orlando’s second 007-themed movie theater, which is tucked away inside Reunion Resort 800.

The brand-new theater

Reunion Resort 2100

orlando vacation homes with movie theaters

The ultra jazzy movie theater at Reunion Resort 2100 is almost as big as some public cinemas. The only difference is, the armchair-style seats are far more comfortable and you’ll have the whole place to yourselves.

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