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Spectacular Santorini villas

Picture-perfect Santorini has become the poster-child of Greek island holidays - in fact, it’s rare that you can flick through a travel brochure without seeing that famous view of blue-domed white-walled churches, sugar-cube houses, and blazing sunsets. This romantic vista helps make Santorini one of the most popular destinations in Greece, particularly for couples on a romantic trip, but there is so much more to the island than sunset scenery. Santorini has a beautiful volcanic landscape, resulting in an unexpectedly rich wine-making culture. It also has glorious beaches and fascinating ancient history to explore.

There’s no better place to stay than in a traditional villa. You can enjoy a taste of authentic Greek living in our Santorini vacation homes, complete with typical white-stone décor Whether you want to choose a sprawling property complete with a breathtaking infinity pool and plenty of spots to bask in the sunshine, or smaller villa with alfresco dining areas and and sublime views of the Aegean, each villa has been thoughtfully appointed with your comfort in mind. No matter where you choose to stay, those famous Santorini sunsets are all yours to enjoy from the comfort and privacy of your very own villa.

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Santorini villas with private pools

Sensational Santorini is the poster child of luxury Greek Island vacations. With our Santorini villas with private pools, you can have that luxury whenever you want it, right in your vacation rental. From small plunge pools to romantic balcony-spanning pools with sublime ocean views, there is a villa with a pool in Santorini for every style and taste.

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Santorini beachfront villas

The beaches of Santorini are not your typical golden stretches of sand that you find on other Greek islands, but rather rocky, dramatic landscapes leftover from the island’s volcanic past. These striking beaches are incredible sights to see on your vacation, and with our Santorini beachfront villas, you can enjoy spectacular views of the rocky coastline. The homes are close to some of Santorini’s most beautiful coastal areas, and from their locations, you get an unbeatable view of the beaches and cliffs, as well as the glittering Aegean Sea.

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