Paros, Greece

Paros, Greece

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Greece offers some of the most beautiful views and scenery in the whole of Europe, and Paros, one of the Greek islands, is no exception. One of the lesser-known, and less-frequented island destinations in Greece, this up-and-coming gem of an island experiences less tourist crowds than more popular destinations, soyou can experience all the delights the island has to offer in a more relaxed, personalised way. Why not explore the island's beautiful beaches, or even pay a visit to the island’s ancient marble quarries for a touch of Paros history and culture?

Our properties are located in rural locations across the island, so you can enjoy a true, authentic experience if you select a Paros villa for your next vacation. Picture white stone villas, neat courtyards, quaint balconies and elegant pools, all in prime positions for breath-taking, sprawling sea views. Whichever villa you choose to stay in on the island, you are sure to build memories to last a lifetime as each home is beautifully designed, and ready to cater to your every luxury and comfort.

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Paros luxury villas to rent with a view

Vacation homes don’t come more exquisite than our Paros luxury villas to rent with an unforgettable view of the island. These stunning traditional properties have all the finest features to make any trip truly special, complete with private pools and breath-taking, sprawling views of the Aegean Sea and surrounding scenery. From small, romantic stone-walled villas to sleek and striking white-painted cube homes, these rentals will make all of your Greek Island dreams come true. Relax on your deck with your loved one and simply soak it all in.

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Paros villas with a private pool

White and blue are the iconic colors of the Greek flag, and these are reflected in our lovely Paros villas with private pools. The serene deep blue of the water contrasts beautifully with the bright white paint of the traditionally-styled villas, which give guests a true taste of Greek island luxury.

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Where to stay in Paros?

We have a fantastic selection of stunning homes along the West and North coast of Paros. Located close to both bustling, quaint towns and some unbelievable beaches that are quintessential of the golden stretches and shimmering turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. 

Are Paros and Paxos the same?

No, Paros and Paxos are different Greek islands. Paxos, also known as Paxi, is an island just off the West coast of mainland Greece and South of Corfu, whereas Paros is an island located deep in the heart of the Mediterranean East of the Greek mainland located near Naxos, Ios and Milos.

How far is Paros from Athens?

Paros is located Southeast of Athens, with approximately 200 kilometers between them. If you were to catch a flight between the two, the journey would take around three quarters of an hour.

Does Paros Greece have an airport?

Yes, Paros does have its own bustling airport, so getting to the island should be straightforward with either a direct flight or a connection in Athens. The airport lies Southwest of the island; simply hire a car or organize a transfer to continue your onwards journey to your luxury accommodation.

How to get to Paros island?

As quite a popular destination, the international airport welcomes flights from all over the world. If direct flights are not available from your starting location, it is possible to head to Athens first and catch a flight from there. Alternatively, you can also catch a ferry from the Greek capital to Paros, with a journey time between three and a half hours to five hours, depending on the vessel and weather conditions.

How to get from Santorini to Paros?

The islands of Santorini and Paros are reasonably close together. The most scenic way to get between the two would be to catch a ferry, where you can watch the shimmering waters of the Aegean slip past. The journey via ferry can take anywhere between two and four hours depending on the vessel and weather. Alternatively, you could catch a flight, which is the quicker option, with a journey time of around three quarters of an hour.

How big is Paros?

Paros is a rather small island, with a total landmass of 196.3 kilometers squared. In terms of population, approximately 12,500 people call this beautiful Greek island their home

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