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Luxury villas in sunny Malibu, California

Everybody has heard of Malibu, and it’s no wonder why. Nestled on a beautiful stretch of golden sand - the kind you normally find on postcards, Malibu is the place to visit and live for sun-seekers and celebrities alike. Who knows who you will spot as you stroll along the shore? 

If you’re ready for something adventurous after your days exploring the beaches and celeb-spotting, head up the trails towards the Santa Monica mountains, where you can uncover hidden waterfalls, ramble through canyons, and gaze out across the ocean. 

Experience the opulent, yet laid-back lifestyle coveted by the famous, with your very own dazzling Malibu villa. Our villas in Malibu are as glamorous as the location itself, with easy access to beautiful beaches, amazing sunset views over the Pacific, and brilliant features including private pools, home theatres, and on-site staff.

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Make the most of world-famed beaches with a Malibu beach house rental

Dreaming of living the laid-back, comfortable life you get in Malibu? You’ll want to head to the beach, where pristine white sands and choppy, whispering waters are calling your name. Whether you want to kick back and bask in Malibu’s atmosphere as you lay in the sand, or want to get your pulse racing by spending a day surfing, stay as close to the beaches that this city is renowned for with your own Malibu beach house rental. Wake up, taste the salt in the air, and open your window to take in the pristine length of sandy shore just waiting for you. This is what a relaxing vacation is all about. 

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Enjoy true decadence with our Malibu luxury rentals

Malibu is a regular hunt for movie starlets and rock stars alike. With the luxurious atmosphere, it’s no wonder why. Not only are the beaches some of the most stunning in the country, and even the world, but sprawling mansions and decadent properties are all the rage here. Browse our Malibu luxury rentals, fit for royalty, and immerse yourself in a vacation of indulgence and pampering. Enjoy pristine pools with incredible views, elegantly designed décor, and even a range of travel extras such as private butlers, chefs and chauffeurs for your convenience.

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