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Stunning villas in Lake Tahoe

Glamorous Lake Tahoe is a stunning lakeside resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Breathtaking views, fantastic attractions, and world-class skiing are just a few of the reasons that it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in America. 

Visitors will never be without something fun to do in Lake Tahoe. Hit the slopes of the awesome ski resort for some winter sports action. Take to the water and explore the glorious turquoise lake, or lace up your boots and hike the spectacular mountain trails.

Feel the call of the mountains in a luxurious Lake Tahoe villa, for families, couples, or large groups. Our villas in Lake Tahoe are beautifully decorated in traditional mountain style, with fantastic features including luxurious private pools, pet-friendly facilities, and games areas. With cozy cabins for 2 or large homes for up to 10 guests, there are so many styles of Lake Tahoe vacation rentals to choose from, perfect for all types of trips to this beautiful California destination.

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Lake Tahoe waterfront rentals

Vacations in the Tahoe region are all about that magnificent lake. So why not get yourself as close to the action as possible, with a Lake Tahoe waterfront rental? These wonderful vacation homes make the most of their gorgeous surroundings, with views of verdant forests, sparkling water, and rolling mountains in the distance. All of the outdoor attractions of Lake Tahoe are on your doorstep when you book one of these lakefront properties, with easy access to beaches, activities, and skiing in the winter months.

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Lake Tahoe: pet-friendly cabin rentals for you and your dog

Worried about missing your pampered pet on vacation? Bring that furry friend with you along for the adventure in California's wilderness. Hike through the forests of California with your canine companion, as they join you on your vacation to Lake Tahoe. A true luxury vacation is complete with your dog at your feet. 

Walk side-by-side through the beautiful natural landscape. Relax in the evening, cuddle up in the cabin next to the crackling fireplace. Watch your pup as they enjoy the vacation every bit as much as you. 

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