Villa Vitti Lurin villa with private pool

Villas in Lurin St Barth

Nothing beats the view from one of our beautiful Lurin vacation rentals. Located in privileged positions, elevated high before the surrounding land and glittering ocean, you can make the most of one of St Barts best features - its scenery. Perfect for laid back vacations where you need to do nothing but reconnect with your loved ones beneath the beautiful sunshine and relax and recharge, St Barts is the number one choice for those looking for some serious rejuvenation amongst luxurious surroundings. With a number of pristine tropical beaches located nearby when it's time to head out and explore, you’ll experience everything you expect out of your Caribbean escape.

With private infinity pools that seem to spill out onto the horizon, sculpted outdoor spaces where you can enjoy some alfresco dining with your nearest and dearest as the sun goes down on another balmy evening, and sophisticated interiors where your every comfort is considered, you cannot go wrong with a stay in one of our Lurin vacation rentals.

Church steeple in St Barthelemy with Gustavia city in the background

Distances from Lurin

Attraction/DestinationDistance from Lurin in milesDrive time from Lurin in minutes
Fort Karl1.25
Gustavia Lighthouse1.77
Gustaf III Airport1.97
Anse des Cayes311
Piscines Naturelles Grand Fond2.99

Things to do

  • Shell beach in Lurin, St Barts
    Head to Shell Beach
    Spend a relaxing day at Shell Beach, a stunning crescent of soft white sand and crystal-clear waters. It's a perfect spot for swimming, sunbathing, and collecting seashells.

  • View over Fort Gustav
    Hiking to Fort Gustav
    Embark on a hike up to Fort Gustav, perched on a hill overlooking the harbor of Gustavia. The panoramic views of the bay and surrounding landscapes are worth the effort.

  • View over Gustavia Harbor
    Head to Gustavia Harbor
    Explore the picturesque Gustavia Harbor, the island's capital. Stroll along the quays lined with luxury yachts, visit charming boutiques, and dine at waterfront restaurants offering delicious Caribbean cuisine.

  • View of Eden Rock Beach club in St Barts
    Unwind at the Eden Rock Beach Club
    Experience the glamour of the Eden Rock Beach Club, a chic destination offering sunbeds, water sports, and a trendy beachfront bar. It's a great place to enjoy a cocktail and soak in the island's vibe.

  • Colombier Beach hike in Lurin, St Barts
    Go on a Colombier Beach Hike
    Hike to Colombier Beach, a secluded and unspoiled paradise. The trail takes you through scenic landscapes, leading to a pristine beach perfect for a peaceful day of swimming and snorkeling.

  • Snorkeling in St Barts
    Soak up the water activities
    Engage in water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving to explore the vibrant marine life and coral reefs. Various operators in the area offer guided underwater adventures.

  • View from the Lurin Lookout in St Barts
    Head to the Lurin Lookout
    Visit the Lurin Lookout for breathtaking views of the island's coastline. It's an ideal spot to capture the sunset or simply enjoy the natural beauty of St. Barts.

  • Creole cuisine in St Barts
    Tuck into the local cuisine
    Savor the delicious Creole and French cuisine in Lurin's restaurants. Try local specialties like accras (cod fritters) and fresh seafood dishes paired with French wines.

  • Art mural depicting colourful Caribbean foliage
    Explore the local art galleries
    Explore the art scene in Lurin, where you'll find galleries showcasing both local and international artists. Admire contemporary and Caribbean-inspired art during your visit.

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Lurin villas with Travel Extras

When you choose to stay at a Lurin villa, you're not just booking a place to stay; you're securing a personalized escape. These carefully curated villas offer a selection of Travel Extras that cater to your every need. Imagine enjoying a private chef who crafts gourmet meals tailored to your preferences, ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey right in the comfort of your villa.

For those who crave outdoor adventure, you can also book a range of activities. Whether it's a day of snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, embarking on a scenic hike, or exploring the island's rich cultural heritage, our dedicated Concierge service is there to arrange your island adventures effortlessly.

Other destinations in St Barts

Beautiful vacation rentals with private pools in Lurin St Barts - Villa Nomade Lurin private pool with view of sea

Vacation rentals with private pools in Lurin St Barts

The prime location of Lurin means you can enjoy an incredible vantage point over the popular island of St Barts. And what better way to enjoy these sprawling views over the lushious scenery and endless, glittering ocean, than from the cooling comfort of your own private pool?

Nestled in beautifully sculpted outdoor spaces, these stunning private swimming pools are sure to be a highlight of your vacation, where you can enjoy slow, calming evenings watching the sun sink into the horizon.

Also often boasting hot tubs, seating areas for alfresco dining, and with some properties even offering unbelievably designed infinity pools, these homes in Lurin promise an exclusive and luxurious vacation experience.

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