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Lazio is the region in Italy that is home to Rome, Tivoli, and the Appian Way. This historic district is one of the most popular in the country, and beyond the mighty cities and ancient wonders, the beautiful landscape of green fields and rugged mountains shows off the more rural side of Italy. Rome is, of course, the biggest draw for tourists in Lazio, and the Eternal City is a must-visit while in the region. 

You’ll be close to both the ancient cities dripping with history and the awe-inspiring countryside of the region with a stay in one of our top-of-the-range Lazio vacation rentals. Whether you want to stay in the heart of the Eternal City so you can spend your days exploring ruins, iconic landmarks and sampling the the best Italian cuisine in the world besides the river Tiber, or if you want to stay in a exclusive villa complete with a private swimming pool and landscaped gardens, you can make your Lazio vacation exactly what you want.

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Long term rentals in Lazio, Italy

Stay awhile and really get to know the endless wonders of Italy with our long-term rentals in Lazio. With properties in the rolling hills of the countryside and chic townhouses in the hearts of world-famous cities, there's a long-term rental for every type of vacation.

When you book a long-term vacation home in Lazio, you can expect the first-class services and amenities that you get when you stay for a week or two, along with access to all of the facilities that make our properties so special.

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Enjoy a seriously relaxing Italian break in our Lazio villas with staff. When you book a vacation rental with a housekeeper, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your villa is being cleaned and maintained to the highest standard, leaving you to get on with the important holiday tasks of relaxing by the pool and finding your favorite gelato shop.

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Is Rome in Lazio?

Yes, the ancient city of Rome is nestled at the heart of Italy’s region of Lazio. One of the most famous cities in the world thanks to its rich heritage spanning thousands of years, awe-inspiring sightseeing, incredible cuisine, and its influence on culture throughout history, Rome is a destination at the top of everybody’s bucket lists.

Where is Lazio, Italy?

If Italy was described as having the shape of a boot, the region of Italy would encompass the area just below the knee. Situated on the West coast of Italy, Lazio is a large region with an arm stretching out midway towards the East coast of the country.

What is Lazio famous for?

Rome is the most famous destination within Lazio, offering up its very own wonder of the world; the Colosseum. Throughout the region you will find incredible medieval architecture, ancient ruins, fortresses and castles, and quintessential Italian cuisine wherever you go. Lazio is also famous for having the smallest country in the world located inside its borders - Vatican City, which is nestled deep within the romantic streets of Rome.

What to do in Lazio, Italy?

The number one destination for those visiting Lazio is Rome. This unforgettable city offers streets drenched with thousands of years worth of history, unbelievable landmarks and ancient ruins, as well as delectable restaurants serving up the very best of Italian cuisine. While in Rome, make sure you make a stop in Vatican City to view the world-famous Sistine Chapel. In Lazio, you could also head West to enjoy the balmy air of the coastline, or head further inland to the charming stone town of Tivoli.

Roman Forum at sunset in Rome, Lazio