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Destin, on the Florida panhandle, is a beach town renowned for its beautiful beaches and emerald-green water. It is a fabulous family vacation destination, with a plethora of activities to enjoy, including world-class golf courses, watersports, and theme parks. Destin is also famous for its mouth-watering seafood, and there are plenty of market stalls and restaurants on the waterfront where you can sample the catch of the day, fresh off the fishing boats in the harbor.

For an unforgettable vacation in Destin, rental homes are available that are perfect for family getaways, reunions, and large group holidays. With some villas sleeping as many as 30 guests, our Destin rental homes are perfect for family reunions and friends' vacations, with plenty of awesome facilities to deight and entertain the whole party, such as private pools and outdoor kitchens.

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Destin beach vacation rentals by the sea

The beaches of Destin are a top destination for many travelers seeking the sun on their skin and the fresh, salty air through their hair. Comprising of several beaches, including the nearby and extremely popular, pristine Miramar beach, the shoreline of Destin resides in the Gulf of Mexico, promising incredible weather and warm, sparkling waters. On top of nearby Miramar, visitors also head to Henderson Beach State Park to explore the untouched sand dunes, and the perfect white sand of James Lee Beach. If you are dreaming about wiling away your vacation in this incredible spot, then why not book a Destin beach vacation rental, and stay only moments away from the water? 

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Pet-friendly vacation rentals in Destin, FL.

The city of Destin in Florida is an absolute must for those seeking natural, untouched beaches with endless stretches of pristine sand, and a laid-back atmosphere that is sure to help you unwind and disconnect from your day-to-day life. If you don’t want to leave your pup behind when you head off on your big family vacation this year, why not just bring him along? All the family, those with paws included, are welcome in our pet-friendly vacation rentals in Destin, Florida. So if you want to bring your pup to explore the exciting new sights and smells of Destin, have a browse through our properties.

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Where is Destin Florida?

Destin is located on Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast, on the northwest coast of the state.

What airport is closest to Destin Florida?

Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport is the closest airport to Destin. It is a small local airport located within the Eglin Air Force Base. Many non-stop flights to and from hub destinations land at Destin-Fort Walton Beach, including services from carriers including Delta, United, and American Airlines. The airport is less than half an hour's drive from the center of Destin.

How far is Destin from Orlando?

Destin is 419 miles away from Orlando. To drive there would take almost 5 and a half hours. You can fly between the 2 (via Atlanta International Airport) in a little over 3 hours.

Is Destin Florida safe?

Destin is a very safe place to travel in Florida, so long as you take sensible precautions, as you would when traveling to any city. General safety advice applies, such as taking care not to walk alone at night, being aware and mindful of your surroundings, and not flashing expensive objects around.

Are there alligators in Destin Florida?

Alligators do live in and around Destin, but they are much rarer than in southern Florida. There are only a few thousand alligators living in the Panhandle region, whereas down south there are millions of them.