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Davenport is a small town in Florida with a big appeal. Located in the most popular region of Orlando, Davenport is a great place to stay for easy access to all of the best attractions in the region. Disney World is a few minutes away by car, and other popular destinations such as Universal Studios are close by as well.

One thing that makes Davenport so popular is that it is near to 1-4 Highway, which means you can easily motor off to any of Florida’s awesome sites, destinations and attractions. Davenport itself has plenty to keep you from straying too far; it has all the biggest hits of a Florida town, with pretty green spaces, excellent golf, and great restaurants and shopping.

By booking a Davenport vacation rental in Florida, you get to stay in a beautiful Orlando home, carefully chosen by our expert team for its high standards of comfort and luxury. Our vacation homes in Davenport are spectacular, with fantastic features such as themed bedrooms for the kids and private pools. These luxurious facilities make our Davenport vacation rentals perfect for family trips to Orlando, with space for up to 22 guests.

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Monthly vacation rentals in Davenport, Florida

A beautiful destination in Florida with fantastic access to some of Florida’s most beautiful cities, it is no surprise that so many choose to make Davenport their base for their vacations. With plenty of beautiful villas available for monthly vacation rentals, Davenport in Florida has plenty to offer for those hoping for a longer stay. Stay in and enjoy a private pool, explore the nearby wildlife management areas, wander around the many lakes in the area, or head on over to the renowned city of Tampa - you’ve got plenty of time on your hands.

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Family vacation rentals in Davenport, FL

Florida is the ultimate family vacation destination, and our villa rentals in Davenport are perfect for fun-filled getaways in the Sunshine State. Our vacation homes come with lots of amenities that are guaranteed to bring joy, from games rooms, private pools, and themed bedrooms.

The homes are also a short distance from the very best attractions in Orlando, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

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What county is Davenport FL in?

Davenport FL is located in Polk county, a large region of Florida that encompasses Bartow and Lakeland.

Where is Davenport Florida?

Davenport Florida is located within Polk County, which encompasses a large area around the South and Southeast of Orlando, in the heart of the state of Florida. 

How far is Davenport from Orlando?

The city of Davenport is located down in the Southeast of Orlando, just around the outskirts of the city and close to Hilochee Wildlife Management Area. To drive from Davenport to the center of Orlando, the journey would take you just over forty minutes in good traffic. 

How far is Davenport from Universal Studios?

Davenport is located Southeast outside of Orlando, whereas Universal Studios is located to the East within the city. The drive between the two takes in the region of 36 minutes in good traffic, covering a total of just under 30 miles on the most direct route. 

How far is Davenport from Orlando Airport?

Orlando Airport is located in the Southeast of the city, with Davenport located around forty minutes from the center of Orlando. If you were to drive between the two, the journey on the most direct route that runs through Orlando would take you around 42 minutes. The route that runs just outside of the center of Orlando takes a minute less in good traffic, but there are tolls on this route. 

How far is Davenport from Disney World?

Disney World is located to the Southwest within the city of Orlando, whereas Davenport is its own city located around a forty minute drive Southwest from the city’s center. To get between Disney World and Davenport, you can expect a drivetime of around 25 minutes on the quickest route, which makes Davenport ideally located if you are hoping to visit the parks on your next vacation. 

How far is Davenport from Tampa?

Davenport is a city just outside of Orlando, which sits in the heart of the state of Florida, whereas Tampa resides on the West coast. The drive time between the two destinations is just over an hour in good traffic, and covers a total of 63.5 miles. So, if you’re staying in Davenport and are hoping to make a day trip to the stunning city of Tampa, it’s perfectly reasonable to head there in the morning and return in the afternoon.

How far is Davenport from Kissimmee?

Kissimmee is a city located close to the very South of Orlando. The drive between Davenport and Kissimmee is very straightforward, and takes only half an hour in good traffic, covering just under 18 miles.

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