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Beautiful Seminyak is the ex-pat center of Bali and thus has got a unique variety of cultures, attractions, and amenities. Restaurants, boutiques, bars, and surf shacks line the beach, which is, in traditional Indonesian style, breathtakingly stunning. It matches the nearby famous Kuta Beach for size and sand quality but is far quieter and more relaxed. Seminyak is one of those places that remains totally Balian, but that also has a unique character all of its own.

Our incredible Seminyak villas are also unique - adhering to traditional Indonesian styling with luxurious modern facilities. These gorgeous vacation rentals give guests the opportunity to experience utter decadence in the heart of Seminyak. Perfect for family vacations or romantic breaks in this beautiful part of Bali, our Seminyak villas have a fantastic range of features, giving you luxurious facilities such as private pools and on-site staff throughout your stay.

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Seminyak 4633 Villa Lulito Bali

Villas in Seminyak, Bali with private pools

There is something very special about having your own private pool to enjoy after a busy day exploring the local sights. That’s exactly what you can look forward to at our villas in Seminyak, Bali with private pools. These luxurious rental homes are made even more spectacular by the addition of huge pools, with shallow areas to relax and long, deep areas for swimming, with the water glittering temptingly in the Indonesian sun.

Seminyak 4884 Villa Jajaliluna Indonesia

Bali family villas in Seminyak

With private pools, scenic views, and games areas, our Bali family villas in Seminyak are the ideal places for Indonesian adventures. With space for everyone to enjoy a bit of privacy and beautiful spaces for getting together and creating unforgettable vacation memories.

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