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Famous for its German-American heritage, hot, dry weather, and the shortest river in Texas, New Braunfels is a popular vacation destination for those wanting a relaxing break in the Lone Star State. This beautiful city wears its Germanic history proudly, with German street names, bier gardens, and even an annual Wurstfest.

The Comal river that runs through the city is the perfect place for a cooling dip, and although it has one of the shortest boatable rivers in America, it still has plenty of room for everyone to enjoy water activities such as tubing and kayaking.

We have a great range of beautiful New Braunfels vacation rentals. These stunning homes come in all shapes and sizes, including smaller homes for family vacations and even a spectacular mansion for 34 people. With luxurious features including private pools and pet-friendly facilities, our New Braunfels vacation rentals have got everything you need and more to have a fantastic trip to Texas.

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Enjoy relaxing views of the river as you sit on the deck of a New Braunfels vacation rental. Listen to the trickling sound of rushing water just beyond the treeline, and watch tubers and others fishing enjoy their peaceful activities. You can even take part in an array of water-based activities too! Vacation rentals in New Braunfels on the river are close to the thriving art scene and beautiful history of the town.

The Guadalupe River in New Braunfels is popular with fly fishers. If you’re looking for a great fishing trip, a vacation rental on the river is an ideal choice. Perhaps you’re looking for fantastic music venues and live music? Our riverside homes are close to downtown and are a relaxing getaway spot to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

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New Braunfels vacation rentals with pools

Treat yourself to an unforgettable vacation in our beautiful New Braunfels villas with pools. These gorgeous properties boast spacious outdoor areas, with private pools and sun lounging areas, ideal for cooling off in the heat of the Texas summer. Some homes also have hot tubs, so you're covered whether you prefer your pools cool and refreshing, or warm and rejuvenating.

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