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Estes Park, Colorado

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Estes Park

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Known as the ‘base camp of the Rocky Mountains National Park’, a visit to Estes Park in Colorado is a dream vacation destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Just 70 miles from the state capital Denver, Estes Park offers visitors a true taste of the great American wilderness, with countless outdoor activities to try, breathtaking mountain vistas, and fun experiences for the whole family.

Stay in our Estes Park cabins for a truly memorable vacation in this Rocky Mountain paradise. Located in some of the most beautiful locations in Estes Park, and with fabulous features and facilities to delight and entertain your whole party, our cabins in Estes Park are ideal for families, couples, and large groups.

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Useful information

How far is Estes Park from Denver?

Denver is 65 miles away from Estes Park. It takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive between the two.

What county is Estes Park in?

Estes Park is in Larimer County, Colorado.

What is the elevation of Estes Park Colorado?

Estes Park sits at an elevation of 7,522 feet (2,293 m) above sea level, in the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

Is Estes Park a national park?

Estes Park itself is not a national park, but it is considered the base camp for the Rocky Mountains National Park.

What is the closest airport to Estes Park?

Denver International is the closest major airport to Estes Park. It is just over 57 miles away.

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Things to do in Estes Park

A landscape in the Rocky Mountains National Park, with a mountain lit up in the golden glow of sunrise, tall trees and a still lake reflecting the forests and mountains above

Visit the Rocky Mountains National Park

No trip to Estes Park would be complete without a trip to the Rocky Mountains National Park. This incredible landscape is one of the most famous national parks in the US, and boasts breathtaking mountain scenery at every turn.

A collection of charming cabin buildings containing shops and restaurants in Estes Park

Explore Estes Park's charming downtown

Downtown Estes Park is a delightful mountain resort town, all wooden cabins housing boutique shops, bars, and restaurants. It is a charming place to explore during your vacation, whether you are after a relaxing meal of a bit of retail therapy.

A large male elk stands on a grassy hill with dark cloudy skies behind

Observe the local elk

You cannot visit Estes Park without seeing the elk - they are everywhere! These majestic creatures are spectacular to witness, especially during the rutting season during September, when the males lock antlers in a dynamic show of strength.

A view of Estes Park with mountains behind

Ride the Estes Park Tramway

Just 3 and a half minutes on the scarlet Estes Park Tramway will transport you to the top of the mighty Prospect Mountain. from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Colorado landscape. The Tramway is very popular, so get there early to enjoy a peaceful ride.

The grand white and red front of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

Admire the historic Stanley Hotel

The grand Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is the stuff of pop culture legend - it served as the inspiration for The Shining and has been used as a filming location for countless movies. You can visit the hotel for tours and even spooky ghost walks after dark.

An inflatable boat with 4 people in rushing through white water

White water rafting

One for the adrenaline lovers out there - Estes Park (along with the rest of Colorado) is fantastic for white water rafting. With forest and mountain backdrops to the adventure, rafting in Estes Park counts as one of the most scenic thrills you'll ever have.


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Estes Park cabins with hot tubs

The purely blissful feeling of sinking into a warm and bubbly hot tub to soothe aching muscles after a day exploring the wildernesses of Colorado is a special one indeed, and in our Estes Park cabins with hot tubs, you can enjoy this feeling whenever you like. These luxurious vacation rentals are ideal for families or couples on a romantic break in Estes Park.

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