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Paynes Bay villas in Barbados

Paynes Bay, also sometimes referred to as ‘the Platinum Coast,’ is a beautiful stretch of sandy shore on the west coast of Barbados. It is one of the most renowned beach destinations on the island, thanks to its picture-perfect golden sand, sparkling waters perfect for paddling and swimming, and plenty of nearby neighborhoods alive with color and light.

Float in turquoise waters, stretch out in the sun on the sand, or wander through the surrounding area, the pace here is laid-back and indulgent - perfect for a Barbados getaway. In the evening, come back to your stunning Paynes Bay villa, with unbridled luxury and comfort all yours for the taking.

Have a look through our collection of stunning Paynes Bay villas, perfect for luxurious vacations in Barbados. With fabulous facilities including private pools, home theatres, and on-site staff, along with easy access to Paynes Bay's finest beaches, these beautiful villas are ideal for romantic trips for couples, or group getaways with the whole family.

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Quaint 2 bedroom villas in Paynes Bay

Perfect for couples and small families, we have a selection of 2 bedroom villas in Paynes Bay. These apartments, though smaller than some of our other vacation rentals on offer, are no less luxurious. Offering stunning views of the surrounding area, opulent decor, and often, direct beach access, some even come with their own private plunge pools! So if you’re after something more petite that doesn’t have more space than you know what to do with, then browse our selection now to find your perfect rental, and get your dream vacation to Paynes Bay kick-started.

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Villas on the beach in Paynes Bay

The Caribbean is renowned for breathtaking beaches, and you can enjoy them from the moment you arrive at your spectacular vacation home. When you book a villa on the beach in Paynes Bay, Barbados, you couldn't be any closer to the palm-fringed white sandy shores that make the island famous. Within a few steps, you can be on the beach, cocktail in hand, soaking up magnificent views with the warmth of the Caribbean sun on your face.


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