Panoramic shot of luxury homes by a lake in Orlando

Florida Kosher villas

Book your Florida kosher villa with us to ensure that you get a luxury stay in Orlando's finest resorts, with guaranteed kosher and Sabbath-friendly amenities

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Florida kosher villas

Florida is renowned for its diverse vacation experiences, and Top Villas offers a unique collection of kosher villas that cater to the needs of Jewish travelers. These beautiful villas provide a haven of comfort and convenience for those seeking a kosher-friendly getaway in the Sunshine State.

Kosher vacation rentals, Florida with luxury amenities

Our luxurious Orlando vacation homes offer plentiful amenities, including Sabbath-friendly appliances, automatic sensors and alarms, and private pools. The villas are located within Eruv boundaries in resorts, with many side-by-side available to choose from, within walking distance of Minyan. We can also arrange for kosher grill rentals and trash pickup services within the resorts.

We also have a dedicated Concierge team who are on hand to assist you with your booking. Our concierge can put you in touch with local Orthodox Rabbis to ensure you have all the kosher options and Shabbos information that you need. If you require information on Minyanim, Eruv, or Mikvah, or if you’re interested in having your kitchen Kashered or renting kosher appliances, contact our Concierge team.