Canyon Lake, Texas

Canyon Lake, Texas

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Canyon Lake

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Luxury Canyon Lake cabin rentals

Nestled in Texas Hill Country, Canyon Lake is sometimes referred to as the ‘jewel’ of the Lone Star State. It’s not hard to see why, one look at the rugged natural beauty of the place will explain that, as well as the number of visitors who return to the spot year on year.

Canyon Lake is a dream destination for nature lovers and fans of outdoor recreation. Canyon Lake is well-known for its water sports and activities, and it also boasts many parks, nature trails, and hiking opportunities. To top it off, there is a challenging 72-par golf course, offering spectacular views of the Texan landscape.

Canyon Lake cabin rentals and vacation homes give you a luxurious stay in the heart of the Texas wilderness. With properties for large groups of up to 22, as well as smaller cozy cabins for families, there is a great value vacation home for every need. Our vacation homes in Canyon Lake have a great range of fantastic facilities, such as private pools and games rooms, perfect for entertaining the whole family.

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Beautiful Canyon Lake waterfront rentals

Do you dream of waking up in the morning on vacation, hearing the gentle sounds of water splashing and trickling right outside your window? Do you wish you could open your front door and leap straight into a picturesque lake surrounded by lush foliage, or spend your evenings watching the sun go down as the fading light glimmers over the gentle water?

You can with our Canyon Lake waterfront rentals, complete with properties that quite literally sit on the very edge, often complete with boat docks, and providing easy and immediate access to the tranquil water. Whether you want to dive in or bask beside the lake, head to Canyon Lake for your next getaway.

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Canyon Lake rentals with a pool

Canyon Lake is a fantastic destination to escape to on vacation, complete with stunning surroundings, quaint homes, and beautiful views. But when you come in from your day of exploring, you don’t want the fun to end there. Browse our Canyon Lake rentals with pools, so that you can find a property where you can dive into a crisp, rejuvenating pool at the end of your long day of hiking, and ensure there is plenty to do in your vacation home to keep the whole family entertained and keep the laughter and good times going. 

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Where is Canyon Lake?

Canyon Lake is in the heart of Texas Hill County. It is a reservoir on the beautiful Guadalupe River.

How deep is Canyon Lake?

The average depth of Canyon Lake is 130 feet deep, although it has been recorded after heavy rainfall as deep as 141 feet.

Is Canyon Lake man made?

Canyon Lake is completely man-made, like almost every other lake in Texas. The only somewhat natural lake in the state is Caddo Lake, and even that has changed dramatically thanks to the dams used to raise the level of the water from its original point.

How far is Canyon Lake from New Braunfels?

Canyon Lake is 20 miles away from New Braunfels, with a driving time of approximately 33 minutes between the two, depending on local traffic conditions.

Can you swim at Canyon Lake?

Yes, you can swim in Canyon Lake. In fact, swimming is just one of the many activities that you can do in and around the invitingly cool waters. You can also water ski, scuba dive, hike, and go boating, amongst many other fun outdoor adventures.

Canyon Lake