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Winter sun villas and vacation rentals

In the mood for a little bit of winter sun to chase away the cold this year? Not everybody enjoys frozen landscapes, clearing ice from their driveways and wrapping up in bundles of clothing. So, why not head somewhere a little warmer, where the sun doesn’t stop shining and you need to keep your sunblock on hand, rather than your scarf and hat. When places around the world feel a little bit like the Arctic at this time of year, it may be hard to imagine that destinations around the world still experience plenty of sunshine, beautifully warm temperatures, and comfortable evenings where it's perfectly reasonable to sit out and sip a cocktail (no hot cocoa needed!) From Florida to the Caribbean, and from Europe to Mexico, discover luxury winter sun destinations today.

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Warm places to visit in December

Sometimes, a holiday in December isn’t about open fireplaces, secluded cabins and twinkling fairy lights. Sometimes it’s about beach walks, cookouts in the sunshine, and balmy sunset evenings. If you consider yourself a bit of a snowbird (that is, somebody who prefers to spend the dead of winter in warmer climes rather than putting up with frozen fingers and toes), then jetting off for some winter sun in December is easy when you know where you can go. There are plenty of warm destinations in December all over the world that you can choose from, such as the Caribbean, Thailand, and Mexico.

Coral House Caribbean beach rental

Warm places to visit in January

Like December, in a lot of places around the world, January is utterly freezing. In fact, it can often be the coldest month of the year, so it's no wonder that the snow birds amongst you are ready to jet off towards the sunshine during this month. Like December, there are plenty of destinations you can choose from across several continents, with sunny locations including Palm Springs, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Florida in the USA, and destinations such as Cabo, the Caribbean, and Thailand elsewhere in the world.

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Warm places to visit in February

Though in many parts of the world, February is still a very chilly time of year, in others, you can still expect sun-drenched afternoons and days spent beachside. Our favorite places to go in February are Mexico, as it is still the perfect temperature before it gets too hot, Thailand where you can enjoy beautiful weather alongside some fascinating culture, and of course, the Caribbean. Typically one of the region's driest months, you can expect beautifully warm temperatures whether you're in Turks and Caicos, Barbados, Jamaica, or Saint Lucia.

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Where is hot in the US in winter?

You don’t have to travel halfway across the world to find where the sun has been hiding. In locations across the USA, you can find the sunshine making a brave stand against the cold that grips other parts of the country. Perfect for winter sun vacations with family, couples getaways, or thrilling breaks with your friends, browse our favorite winter sun vacation destinations in the USA.

Blondel Cove Caribbean villa

Best Caribbean islands for winter vacation

Nothing beats a bit of Caribbean winter sun. No need to worry about bringing a hat or gloves here, the temperatures are soaring, the sun is powerful, and the beaches are just waiting for you. Some of our favorite Caribbean islands, such as Jamaica, Barbados and Turks and Caicos, are perfect winter sun destinations where you can fully expect balmy evenings, whispering waters, and hours filled with sunshine.