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Remote work vacation rentals for business travelers and digital nomads

If you can work anywhere, why not work all over the world? Discover our huge collection of luxury digital nomad rentals, perfect for the globe-trotting workaholic. Why confine yourself to the average office, when your office could be beside the calming waters of your private pool, or on a sun lounger on a Caribbean beach? Not only can you work amongst some seriously stunning surroundings, but when five o’clock hits and it’s time to log off, it’s time to truly enjoy your chosen destination. Our vacation rentals are located in the most popular destinations around the world, so whether you stop for a while or hop between locations, you’re certain to discover incredible spots you won’t ever want to leave.

The homes themselves are perfectly equipped to accommodate digital nomads and business travelers alike, with WiFi, comfortable interiors, plenty of spaces to set up workstations, and stunning views you can take in from the comfort of your own balcony.

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Apartments for business travelers

Bigger business trip rentals aren’t necessarily better. You don’t need to book a mansion you’ll inevitably get lost in if you’re traveling with a smaller group for work, or looking for a workcation just for yourself. Our range of beautiful apartments for business travelers are in prime destinations around the world, and offer interiors that are just as luxurious, but in a smaller package. With plush living rooms, dining spaces, and even balconies, you will find plenty of spots around your apartment to knuckle down for some work. Plus, with WiFi, you can stay connected no matter when you’re cracking on with some business, and stay in touch with your loved ones at home too.

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Digital nomad monthly rentals

Sometimes it's nice to escape the confines of the office and get out and about in the world. But still, work calls, and you can’t just drop everything and go these days! These digital nomad monthly rentals means you can enjoy the perfect hybrid of that vacation feeling, with plenty of luxury spots to get some work done too. Whether you’re the type to burn the midnight oil or like to work through the morning, when it’s time to close your laptop lid, you can head outside to explore the local area, or finally jump into that private pool that has been calling to you all day. And with our monthly rentals, you can really make the most of your time away and truly immerse yourself into your destination. Life is for living - so make sure you play hard, and not just work hard!

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Orange County Convention Center

Vacation rentals near Orange County Convention Center Orlando

The Orange County Convention Center is a hub for world-leading conferences and incredible meeting spaces. If you are attending an event at the convention center, or preparing for that career-changing meeting you’re leading, then you’ll want to stay as close as you can to ensure an easy and stress-free journey in the morning. We have a huge range of villas in Orlando, whether you are looking for a small apartment for just yourself, or a sprawling mansion to house the whole team, so you’re sure to find a range of perfect vacation rentals near Orange County Convention Center Orlando. What’s more, these homes offer incredible amenities, so when it’s time to kick-back and unwind, you can expect private pools, bowling alleys, home theaters, home gyms, and even arcade rooms.