Florida Strawberry Festival, and other fun fruit festivals

A pile of mixed fruit

If you’re in the mood for a sweet experience on vacation, try visiting a fantastic fruit festival. From celebrations of flavor to chaotic food fights, fruit festivals are a great way to engage with local cuisines and customs, and a delicious way to sample the freshest produce.

The Florida Strawberry Festival

Ever since 1930, The Florida Strawberry Festival has taken place in Plant City to celebrate a bountiful harvest of sweet red berries. Attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, it is a highlight of the local calendar and a fun way to get involved in a Floridian institution. 

When is the Strawberry Festival in Florida?

The Florida Strawberry Festival takes place in early March each year, to coincide with the peak of the strawberry harvest. It is a jam-packed 11 days of fruity fun and games.

A pile of strawberries on a white background

Where is the Florida Strawberry Festival held?

The Strawberry Festival is in Plant City, Florida, which is about an hour’s drive southwest of Orlando. The Strawberry Festival is a great addition to a family vacation in Orlando. It can be done easily as a day trip from the city.

What is there to do at the Florida Strawberry Festival?

Far from being simply a celebration of the humble strawberry, the festival is a fantastic family event. There are musical performances, with the headline stage attracting big-name artists such as The Beach Boys and The Drifters. Thrill-seekers will enjoy the carnival-style rides and attractions, and the festival’s agricultural theme is explored further with youth livestock shows. Plus there is, of course, ample opportunity to sample those delicious strawberries for yourself.

Other fantastic fruit festivals around the world

The Carnival of Ivrea Orange Festival, Italy

Italy is known as a gastronomic powerhouse, a place where food is revered and respected. All that changes for 3 days in February in the quaint town of Ivrea in Northern Italy. Instead of being lovingly added to dishes and mixed into drinks, food becomes a projectile weapon as townsfolk battle it out in a bitterly fought skirmish. The weapon of choice? Oranges. Over 256000kg citrus missiles are launched during the three-day event, in what is known as the Battle of the Oranges. This unusual tradition is a recreation of a 12th-century battle, and is certainly a spectacle, albeit one best observed from a safe distance.

A man getting ready to throw an orange

The Pineapple Fruit Festival of Thailand 

Every year in June, the city of Lampang in Thailand celebrates the pineapple with a festival full of fun and joy. Dance shows, agricultural shows, fruit exchange, and games are all on the agenda, and winner get prizes of the pineapple variety for their efforts.

La Tomatina Festival, Buñol, Spain

On the last Wednesday in August, the largest food fight in the world takes place in this small city in the province of Valencia. La Tomatina festival is an excuse to get down and dirty with a pie of squishy tomatoes, perfectly ripe for flinging at people in the streets. What started as a fun local tradition has grown into a hugely popular event, drawing people from all over the world. It’s so busy, you need to buy a ticket in advance, with a participant limit of 20000 people.

Fete du Citron, (The Carnival of the Lemons Fruit Festival), Menton, the French Riviera

The Fete du Citron, also known as the Menton Lemon Festival, is 20 days of fun and festivities, celebrating the region’s most beloved produce – lemons. Visitors of the Menton lemon Festival can expect to see activities and events dedicated to all things citrus, with parades, floats made of lemons and oranges, fruit sculptures, and lemon snacks and foods.

A carnival float made of oranges and lemons

Woodstock Fruit Festival, New York

In trendy upstate New York, every August sees the Woodstock Fruit Festival, a celebration of fruit and healthy eating. Delicious fruit-based meals, yoga classes, and lots of inspiration for kick-starting a healthier, greener lifestyle are at the heart of this event, celebrating veganism and healthy lifestyles.

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