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Central America

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Central America

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Central America vacation rentals

From the buzzing beaches and ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico to the rainforests and luxury retreats of Costa Rica, Central America is a rich and varied destination full of up-and-coming travel adventures and experiences. Our Central America vacation rentals are stunning places to stay in the region. From high-luxury beachfront villas in Cabo to glamorous rentals in Tamarindo, you can choose from a fantastic selection of unique vacation rentals, all with excellent facilities including private pools, games rooms, and more.

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Useful information

Is Central America a continent?

Central America is not a continent, but it is a subcontinent in North America.

Is Mexico in Central America?

Mexico is considered part of the Central American subcontinent.

What countries are in Central America?

Central America has got 7 countries within it, plus a large section of Mexico in a geographical sense. The 7 countries of Central America are: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

What is the climate of Central America?

Central America generally has a humid, tropical climate with distinct dry and wet seasons.

Tulum Mayan ruins in Mexico


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Villas in Central America with private pools

Enjoy the luxurious feeling of floating in your own private pool in these beautiful vacation homes. From sweeping infinity pools with ocean views in Mexico to cooling plunge pools overlooking the treetops and Pacific coast of Costa Rica, you can find all manner of villas in Central America with private pools.

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