Villa rentals with private waterfalls

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Vacation rentals with private waterfalls

Imagine yourself relaxing at the water’s edge listening to the tranquil sounds of trickling water as it gently falls. Treat yourself to the rarity of a vacation rental with a private waterfall. Choose from a villa with a fantastic water feature cascading into the pool or a secluded rental near hidden natural falls. Give yourself to the calming effect of flowing water and enjoy sights as beautiful as they are mesmerizing. For those wanting to make some memories on vacation, a waterfall certainly makes for a unique vacation rental and is also an excellent photo opportunity. 

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Modern villas with waterfalls

Admire sleek, modern design married with a beautiful feature. A waterfall is the perfect accent to a pristinely decorated luxury vacation rental. Clean, white lines, large swathes of glass, and the reflective waters of a waterfall create a space that is calm and relaxing. Watch wonderful cascading falls from the comfort of your vacation home.

Pearls of Long Bay Estate

Cabin rental by waterfalls

If you’re looking for some breathtaking views and natural beauty in the great outdoors, a cabin rental by a waterfall is ideal for you. Just a short walk from your cabin you’ll find a secluded waterfall where you can enjoy peace and quiet. Log cabin rentals with waterfalls are great for anyone looking to make the most of natural landscapes.  

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