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Enjoy unmatched views from our luxury mountain cabin rentals

Booking an escape in one of our luxury mountain cabin rentals is one of the best ways to truly unwind from the day-to-day rush of modern life. Take a moment to step away, away from the cities and away from the bustling beaches. Here, in the mountains, everything slows down. There’s no traffic, no need to be anywhere five minutes ago. There’s only the rustling of the wind in the trees and the sound of bird song in the sunshine-filled afternoons, watched over by the soaring peaks of mountains that look as if they’re reaching up to pierce the sky. Reconnect with the great outdoors, and with your loved ones, amongst nature, cozy surroundings, and the watchful eye of the alluring mountains. 

These mountain cabin rentals offer you everything you need to enjoy your escape into the wilderness, located in some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. With hot tubs nestled on balconies where you can take in the sprawling views, rustic fireplaces, indoor pools and even outdoor spaces with fire pits perfect for making s’mores, they are everything a vacation should be - and more. 

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Mountain lake cabins

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a stay in a mountain lake cabin. Not only will you be treated to the sight of the soaring mountain peaks brushing against the clouds, but you will also be able to watch the sunshine glimmer on the water of a pristine lake. When you combine the two with a stay in a mountain lake cabin, you will experience some unmatched views of the the mountains’ reflection shimmering in the water, and will be able to choose between exploring the mountains or heading out on the water for a hugely varied vacation that every member of your group is sure to enjoy. 

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Cabin in the mountains with hot tubs

So, you’ve spent the day hiking and making the most of the beautiful outdoors, following the secret trails and discovering waterfalls, cresting peaks and getting lost amongst the trees. When it’s time to come home, the enjoyment of one of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world doesn’t have to stop. Simply slip off your boots, climb into your bathing suit and head out to your private hot tub. Often located on the private balconies of our mountain vacation rentals, you can take in the impressive panoramic views whilst sinking into your hot tub, feeling the muscle aches and pains from a day spent exploring seeping away into the bubbling water. Read a book, enjoy a glass of bubbly, or simply lean back and watch the sunset beyond the mountain tops. 

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Secluded mountain cabin rentals

Perfect for a romantic trip for two, or if you simply want the utmost of privacy for your family vacation, these quaint little secluded mountain cabin rentals are tucked away amongst the trees and the mountains, with space between you and your nearest neighbor so that you can feel detached from the world. Rejuvenate in peace and quiet as you curl up next to your roaring fire, or sip a hot drink as you take in your surroundings from the privacy of your balcony, these homes are the perfect choice to ensure you feel refreshed, relaxed, and truly at one with a nature for an escape from the busy day-to-day commitments of real life. 

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