Fireworks against an American flag backdrop

Red, White, and Boom! 2024

Experience Cape Coral's Red, White and Boom! extravaganza with our nearby vacation rentals. Discover the perfect retreats for your Fourth of July celebrations.

Fireworks exploding against a dark sky

Red, White, and Boom! in Cape Coral, Florida

Where: Downtown Cape Coral, Florida

When: July 4, 2024

Cost: Free, with 'Boom Zone' tickets priced at $40 for adults, and $20 for kids

Red White and Boom is an annual Independence Day celebration and is one of the largest Fourth of July fireworks displays in the state, attracting thousands of people from across the region. Red White and Boom is a family-friendly event that features a variety of activities and entertainment options, including live music, food and drink vendors, and carnival rides. The highlight of the event is the fireworks display, which takes place over the Caloosahatchee River and is set to patriotic music.

Cape Coral vacation rentals for Red, White, and Boom!

Experience the unique charm of Cape Coral vacation rentals during the Red, White, and Boom! festival. These accommodations offer a remarkable backdrop to enjoy this spectacular event. With their idyllic waterfront locations and modern amenities, you'll have the perfect setting to revel in the festivities. Whether you're lounging on a private deck, savoring delicious local cuisine, or simply taking in the dazzling fireworks display, Cape Coral vacation rentals provide an unforgettable experience during this annual celebration.