A golden feathered festival mask

The Maskanoo festival in Turks & Caicos 2024

Experience the vibrant energy of Maskanoo, Turks and Caicos' most celebrated cultural festival. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions, colorful parades, and lively music that define this captivating event

Street drummers in a festival parade

Maskanoo, Turks & Caicos

Where: Grace Bay Road on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

When: Annually on Decemeber, 26 (Boxing Day)

Cost: Tickets priced per event

Set against a backdrop of stunning scenery, Maskanoo is a spectacle that showcases the Turks and Caicos region's artistic expressions and time-honored customs. As you participate in the festivities, you'll witness a symphony of traditional music filling the air, accompanied by intricately designed costumes that pay homage to the area's history. This celebration is a visual feast, where every detail, from the vibrant decorations to the elaborate masks, tells a story of the community's roots and evolution.

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