Places to go on a Valentine’s Day getaway 2024

A couple walking hand in hand pulling suitcases behind them for Valentine's Day vacations

Love is in the air! Now although flowers and chocolates may be a classic, why not try revving it up this year, with a Valentine’s Day getaway? You’ll fall head-over-heels for these epic Valentine’s Day vacation destinations, all located in some of the most beguiling places on Earth. 

The best USA places to go on Valentine’s Day 

Whatever your style, there are plenty of love-struck Valentine’s Day destinations in the USA. Couples seeking ideas for romantic getaways in the USA will be spoilt for choice, with National Parks, incredible cities, beautiful beachfront destinations and more to choose from. Read on to discover your perfect USA love match!

Big Kid fun in Orlando for Valentine’s Day 2024

Perhaps your other half is a huge Disney or Hogwart’s fan, or a self-confessed thrill-seeker? Surprising them with a trip to one of the top fun places to go for Valentine’s Day in the USA, will be just the ticket! Full to the brim with wonder and excitement, your romantic Orlando break can be as nostalgic or as blockbuster as you’re yearning it to be. Packed with plenty of places to go for Valentine’s Day in Orlando and things for couples to do in Orlando – you are in for a treat! Immerse yourselves in exploring the epic Disney and Universal theme parks, savor the fine dining and world-class entertainment of Orlando or pop the question by Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. Our luxury Orlando condo rentals and villas set the scene for a decadent vacation base – with proximity to the parks and access to first-class resort amenities. Those looking to splash out can easily contact our Concierge team to arrange a surprise private chef, in-villa spa treatment and even an unforgettable elopement!

Valentines getaway 2024. View of Cinderella's Castle in Disney World Orlando - the best places to visit in April

Be smitten with Lake Tahoe this Valentine’s Day

Is the allure of a cozy wintertime cabin calling out? Get ready to tuck into S’mores around the fire and hitting some of the most scenic hiking trails and ski slopes in all the USA, with a romantic break in our Lake Tahoe cabin rentals!

Our collection of cozy woodland cabins and lake retreats are perfect for lovers of the Great Outdoors – providing an ambiant setting in which to kick back, soak up a hot tub or head out to explore the North Lake Tahoe ski slopes, as well as the hiking and biking trails. A romantic Valentine’s getaway here promises to captivate action-loving couples and nature fans alike. Whisk your other half away here, for an unforgettable stay in one of the #1 places to go on Valentine’s Day.

Looking to escape here in another season? It’s always a good time to visit Lake Tahoe, so check out our month-by-month guide and soak up the romance of this outdoor playground year-round!

Lake Tahoe for Valentines day 2024. Two people on a high ski slope in Lake Tahoe

Soak up Golden State, with a Valentine’s Day getaway to San Diego 

Looking to soak up a California vacation break this Valentine’s Day? For something a little different, beautiful San Diego is one of the top USA places to go on Valentine’s Day. This scenic destination is a haven for beach lovers, surf aficionados, and fans of SoCal cool. It’s knock-down gorgeous for a romantic Valentine’s getaway too! There’s a ton of romantic things to do in San Diego, especially for nature lovers. Wild whales, dolphins, and other beautiful marine creatures inhabit the seas around San Diego. In February, it’s a fantastic time of year to see them. You can kayak with sea lions, snorkel with sharks, and even take an eco-friendly boat trip to spot the magnificent Grey Whale migration.

Romantic getaways in our San Diego vacation rentals could also include lacing up your walking boots to enjoy the trails and hikes along California’s beautiful coastline. Alternatively, grab your flip-flops and explore the myriad of stunning beaches in and around the city. Cosmopolitan couples seeking out the most romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day, should head to the very heart of San Diego city. Savor a stroll through the breathtaking gardens of Balboa Park, or taste some authentic European cuisine in the historic district of Little Italy.


Beguile yourselves with some Monterey magic this Valentine’s 

Craving some California soul? Our California vacation rentals set the scene for a travel love affair – with scenery that promises to beguile. Monterey is an amazing place for enjoying a relaxed and romantic getaway in Golden State, and is easily one of the top USA places to go on Valentine’s Day. Outdoorsy couples will fall in love with this coastal city’s beautiful beaches, hikes, and scenic drives. One of the best scenic drives is to follow Highway 1 down to the iconic Big Sur area, on a mini road trip. The views of the Pacific Ocean and the Californian coast are unmatched. It’s the perfect way to experience one of the greatest drives in America. Another experience high on the list of romantic things to do in Monterey is to explore the waters around Monterey Bay. A great way to do this is to hop in a sea kayak. You can even get a double-seater if you want to test out your teamwork skills with your significant other! Set the scene for your perfect couple’s adventure, with a stay in one of our Monterey vacation homes.

A view of the Pacific Ocean from Monterey

Soak up paradise – with a Valentine’s Day getaway in Hawaii

Are palm trees calling? Say “Aloha” to a romantic Valentine’s getaway to remember – with an exotic stay in Hawaii! Surrounded by lush tropical scenery and sunsets you can drink in with ocean-view cocktails, Hawaii is a paradise found here on Earth. In fact, Hawaii is a unique lover’s retreat – with world-famous beaches, rich cultural attractions, nature hikes and extreme outdoor activities to soak up. Our luxury Hawaiian vacation homes invite you and your other half to enjoy quality moments together – be it in a scenic private hot tub or pool, or an ocean-view meal prepared in the comfort of your vacation retreat. 

A Valentine's Day 2024. Hawaii waterfall at sunset - The best places to visit in July

Best beach places to go for Valentine’s Day in Florida

Whether you’re a cosmopolitan couple seeking out the vibrant nightlife and iconic beachfront vistas of Miami, or you both prefer a more low-key, out-of-season trip to explore the spectacular beach resorts of Destin, Boca Raton or Clearwater, Florida promises a truly romantic Valentine’s Day getaway spot for snowbirds seeking winter sun and warmer climes.

Plus, you’ll find plenty to entice you away from the winter sunsets and sugar sand beaches. From romantic boat tours, coastal hikes and scenic bike rides through State Parks to ocean-view dining and dipping into the buzz of downtown Boca Raton, the best beach destinations in Sunshine State offer a wonderful opportunity to beat the crowds and discover quality moments together.

Exploring these breathtaking beach destinations out of season also promises more privacy and affordable accommodation – enabling you to splash out and treat yourselves to fine dining or a villa upgrade with private pool or hot tub!


Explore all Valentine’s Day destinations USA and rekindle your love of travel together!

Top Caribbean islands for a Valentine’s Day getaway

There aren’t many romantic beach destinations as famous as the Caribbean. Valentine’s Day vacations here include long walks on perfect sugar sand beaches, sipping cocktails under swaying palm trees, and dancing beneath a magical veil of twinkling starlight. It would be impossible to choose the most romantic Caribbean island. The laid-back luxury of Turks and Caicos, the show-stopping beaches of Antigua, and the fun atmosphere of Jamaica are just a few of the region’s highlights. All of the Caribbean basks in perfect weather conditions in February.

Barbados is one of the most popular spots for a romantic Caribbean vacation. Snorkeling, water sports, and joining in with local festivals are just a few of the romantic things to do in Barbados for active couples. Fans of a more relaxed vacation will love the miles of sandy beaches, just begging to be lounged on. 

Another Caribbean hotspot for a romantic holiday is St Lucia. The dramatic, verdant landscape of the island is unique, with the twin peaks of the Pitons framing glorious beaches and lush rainforests.

A sunset view of the Pitons, St Lucia

#1 romantic places to go in Europe for Valentine’s Day

Spending Lover’s Day in some of the most enigmatic and charming cities of Europe has to be one of the ultimate Valentine’s Day treats. Europe is the land of timeless romance, with beautiful ancient cities, wonderful cuisine, and some of the most breathtaking natural sights on Earth. What better way to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day vacation then exploring the history and romance of these cities, whilst writing your own love story?

“Bella” places to go on Valentine’s Day in Italy 

Italy is home to some truly beguiling places to go on Valentine’s Day. Indeed, a Valentine’s Day in Italy invites you to experience some of the most romantic cities in all of Europe – with unmissable sights and landmarks to take in and timeless cuisine to savor. The great thing about visiting Italy around Valentine’s Day is that it will be in the country’s low season. This enables you and your partner to experience romantic Italy without the crowds (and heightened costs) of a summer vacation. Whether it’s soaking up the unique culture of Sicily , a scenic lake escape to Lake Como or an authentic, sun-drenched break in Puglia – Italy is one of the most romantic destinations for a Valentine’s Day getaway. Aside from world-class sightseeing, you can also savor a vacation full of fine dining, winery tours and even Italian cooking classes, so embark on timeless romance this Valentine’s, with our top picks!

Romantic Rome in Lazio is one of the best places in Italy to spend a cozy couples’ vacation. Some of the top things to see and do in Rome on Valentine’s Day include exploring the historic city sights such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Vatican and indulging in a romantic Italian dinner. For something extra memorable, head up to Aventine Hill for sunset. One of the 7 hills on which Rome sits, Aventine Hill is the place to go for gorgeous views of the whole city. Take a picnic and cozy up for unforgettable views as the sun dips below the city skyline. For those looking to make it a Valentine’s Day getaway to remember, our villas in Lazio provide a scenic country idyll within easy reach of Rome.

A golden sunset in Rome

Florence in particular promises to captivate couples visiting Tuscany, even more so over Valentines. With an artistic history stretching back centuries, awe-inspiring architecture, and unbeatable food, Florence in Tuscany is one of the greatest city destinations for a Valentine’s Day getaway. Every cobbled street in the city seems to lead to a charming church or historical theatre, which serve as he perfect settings for hosting an Italian opera or classical music performance. One of the most romantic places for a sunset view of the city is Piazzale Michelangelo. It is a popular spot, so if you want somewhere a little more intimate for your Valentine’s date, continue another 10 minutes or so uphill to the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. The views of the city, surrounded by the rolling Tuscan hills, are just magical, and you’ll have them more or less to yourself. Soak up the endless Florentine sunsets with a stay in one of our styish Florence vacation homes.

The Duomo in Florence through a window

Venice is the world-famous city of Casanova, and as such romance is always in the air! A Valentine’s Day vacation here promises to impress. Gondolas sweeping through the canals accompanied by the melodic serenading of gondoliers, time-weathered palaces rising from the water, and the rich sounds of opera drifting down alleyways are just a few hallmarks of romantic Venice. Italy is known for its fabulous food, and Venice is no exception. Fresh seafood is some of the region’s finest produce. Get off the tourist trail to enjoy the most authentic food and drink in Venice. A top tip is to look for places filled with locals. Avoid places near St Mark’s Square, where food is notoriously far more expensive than average.

A gondola ride down the Grand Canal is one of the most iconic romantic things to do in Venice on a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway 2024. Expect to pay top dollar for the ride – about 80 euros for 30 minutes (booking in advance can help keep costs down) – but it’s such a traditional part of the Venetian experience that it’s worth budgeting for.

A gondolier on the Grand Canal in Venice

Great Greek Valentine’s getaway ideas

Experience a legendary Valentine’s Day getaway, with a stay in one of our romantic retreats in Greece. Immerse yourselves in a world of heroic gods and mythical monsters, ancient temples, and bougainvillea-lined city streets on your own Greek odyssey. Romantic places to stay in Greece are numerous. Whether you choose the historical capital Athens, the unspoilt island of Paros or the achingly beautiful Santorini, you’ll enjoy a Valentine’s Day getaway to remember!

Romantic Santorini is Europe’s most famous island destination for loved-up couples. It is quintessentially Greek, with white sugar-cube buildings huddled on dramatic cliffs which drop into the sparkling Aegean Sea. Of course, the island is famous for its incredible sunsets. The clifftop town of Oia is regarded as the place in Greece to enjoy an unforgettable sunset view. Make sure you arrive early to nab your place on the terraces overlooking the sea. You can make a day of it with one of the fabulous romantic restaurants in Oia. Santorini, like all of Greece, has got some fantastic food to try. Seafood is the island’s specialty, and it doesn’t get fresher than octopus right off the fishing boats. Staying in one of our romantic Santorini vacation homes also offer proximity to the island’s famous wine! The volcanic soil is perfect for growing grapes, and the island is fruitful with many delightful dry and sweet wines to try.

A couple holding hands looking out over Santorini

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It has for a long time been popular with a younger crowd, drawn to the parties and beaches that Mykonos Town does so well. It is a fantastic place for nightlife, and beach vacations in Greece. However, there are plenty of romantic places in Mykonos to enjoy a more intimate experience, take our Mykonos vacation villas for example! In the west of Mykonos Town, you’ll also find Little Venice. No prizes for guessing which other romantic European destination it gets its name from! The pretty buildings and narrow streets press right up against the water. Some of the most romantic places in Mykonos are the island’s beautiful beaches, such as Agios Stosis, Agios Stefanos and Praga Beach.

Chora harbor in Mykonos

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 Winter Sun places to go on Valentine’s Day in Asia

For those seeking sun, sea and summer temperatures this February, heading south of the equator is the answer. Our luxury Asia vacation homes in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia promise sun-drenched Valentine’s Day breaks to remember. With so much to see and do here aside from basking in the winter sun, Asia has to be one of the #1 places to go on Valentine’s Day!

There’s always a good time to visit Thailand, but with average temperatures ranging between 82.4F (28°C) and 91.4F (33°C), the month of February is a superb time to soak up a Valentine’s getaway with a loved one. For those seeking a balmy pool villa break or beach vacation this Valentines, Koh Samui promises 5-star service. So get ready to experience a romantic resort-style stay in the privacy and comfort of your own vacation home!

Romantic Valentine's Day getaway. A couple on the edge of an infinity pool looking out at the sea

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Our beautiful villas and homes are in some of the most stunning and romantic destinations worldwide. We have homes in beautiful places including the Caribbean, Europe, and the USA. Experience the high-life in a seafront villa with a private infinity pool, or relax in refined luxury in a chic city pad. We also offer incredible optional Concierge services to help make your Valentine’s Day getaway extra special. Arrival hampers, private chefs, and spa treatments are just some of the extravagant touches you can book. Speak to our friendly team for more information.