The ultimate Orlando weather guide

The theme park capital is a fun place to visit all year round, but when is Orlando’s weather at its best? Our month by-month guide will help you find out more about the weather, events and crowd levels to help you plan the perfect trip.

The sun shines all year round in Orlando  – it is in the Sunshine State after all. What’s more, the theme parks are open for business every day so there really is no bad time to visit. Go in the summer months and the Orlando weather forecast will be hot, hot, hot – perfect for topping up your tan. Visit in the winter or spring and you can expect milder temperatures that are still balmy compared to many other destinations.

We’ve compiled this ultimate guide to give you an idea of what to expect throughout the year. Read on to find out more about Orlando weather, or skip straight to a specific month using the menu below.

Orlando weather overview

With its subtropical climate, keeping warm is rarely a problem in Orlando. Located in Central Florida, the region consists of two primary seasons; one is hot and wet and the other is warm and dry. So Orlando’s weather can be summed up as mainly hot and hotter.

From May to mid-October, the weather is hot and rainy with average daily highs rising to the lower to mid 90s F. While it rains considerably more during the summer months, showers tend to pass quickly and there’s still plenty of sunshine to go around. From mid-October through April, Orlando weather is warm and relatively dry. The temperatures are lower, between 70F and 84F on the higher side and between 49F to 65F when it is the coldest.

The Atlantic hurricane season occurs each year during Orlando’s long summer, peaking between mid-August and mid-October. Hurricanes rarely hit Orlando but the risk is still there, so if you’re visiting at this time (and there are some great deals to be had) it’s best to check Orlando weather updates from the USA’s National Hurricane Center before you go.

Orlando weather

The weather in Orlando, month by month


The weather in January is considered to be cold by the locals but it still has an average daytime temperature of around 72F making it possible to bask in the mildly warm sun. You can expect the sun to shine for seven hours a day through January, and rainfall levels are low too. In terms of tourism, January is the low season in Orlando so there will be fewer tourists at the parks, plus the price of traveling will be lower than in peak season. This is a great time to visit Orlando if you prefer it cooler and quieter.


Orlando’s weather really starts to warm up in February with average highs of 73.9F. Visitors can expect lots of warm sunshine and hardly any rain. You’ll beat the spring break crowds if you visit in the second month, plus you’ll be in time for the world famous Mardi Gras celebrations at Universal Studios. February is a great time for golf trips too as the weather isn’t as humid as the summer months. also running through February is Epcot’s International festival of the Arts.


Dry and sunny, the weather in March is perfect for getting out and about. Temperatures in Orlando are considerably higher than those in February, often reaching a blissful 78F. There’s so much to do too, with everything from springtime events at the theme parks, to fantastic shopping malls, golf courses and nightlife. We can’t write about March without mention spring break which sees students from around the world flocking to Orlando for a week of fun.

When is the best Orlando weather


In April, Orlando’s weather warms up a lot, hitting around 82.5F. There are around 10 hours of sunshine per day and the days feel longer and brighter so you can pack in plenty of springtime activities. Easter falls on April 21 and is a big event full of fun things to do for all the family. The theme parks all lay on special Easter celebrations, there’s also the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Winter Park, while many restaurants offer special buffets on Easter Sunday. Epcot’s International Flower and Garden festival runs through April, and the Spring Fiesta in the Park is held on April 7-8 at Lake Eola Park.


The weather in Orlando is warm and humid in May with average highs of 88F and lows of a pleasant 70F. On average there’s about 10 hours of sunshine per day and the amount of rainfall creeps up towards the end of the month. There are a few events in May to get involved with including the lively Cinco de Mayo celebrations from May 3-5, the Orlando Carnival at the end of May and the Orlando Fringe Theater Festival which takes place from mid May to Memorial Day.


June’s weather is hot and humid, and can get very wet. But don’t let that put you off; most of the rain falls in afternoon storms, only to be replaced by bright sunshine. Temperatures can climb as high as 90F so it’s a great time to visit if you like it hot. If the heat is too much you can head to one of the many water parks – try Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. It’s perfect weather for chilling out at your luxury villa or lazing on one the nearby beaches.


Orlando weather in July is characterised by hot sunshine and regular rain showers. The wet season is really setting in so it’s a good idea to keep a waterproof jacket with you, as well as high factor sun cream to protect yourself from the intense summer sun. The average daytime temperature is around 84F with temperatures rising to a sweltering 92F in the afternoons. If you’re visiting early on in the month you can get involved in the epic 4th of July celebrations.


Similar to July, daytime highs are around 92F so it’s a great time to visit if you want to top up your tan. The weather is a bit too toasty for strenuous afternoon activities so many tourists head to the shopping malls and indoor attractions during this time. The theme parks can be crowded in August as it’s the school holidays so it’s a good idea to make the most of Disney’s Fastpass+ program.


Orlando’s heat begins to let up in September and the summer holiday crowds start to disperse. Temperatures are still around the mid 80s but the weather is slightly less humid compared to the preceding months. Again pack plenty of sunscreen and be prepared for a quick storm or two. If you’re looking for warm weather and relatively crowd free attractions, September is a good time to visit. It’s also easy to find cheaper flights and accommodation once the kids are back at school.


If you’re looking for good weather and low crowd levels, October is a great time to visit Orlando. There’s still some rain, but it occurs less and less as November approaches. The average daytime temperature is a bearable 84F while the average minimum temperatures drop to a pleasant 65F. Now that the kids are back at school, visiting the theme parks will be more enjoyable with shorter lines for the rides and less intense heat. Visit towards the and of the month and you can take part in the many Halloween celebrations. At Disney there’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and at Universal there’s Halloween Horror Nights.


The weather in Orlando is much more bearable in November making it a popular winter vacation destination for those looking to escape the cold. Temperatures are around 78F and the humidity drops significantly so it’s a great time for outdoor activities such as golf and swimming. The chances of rain are at their lowest in November – all the more reason to visit. Dates for the diary include the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival running from September through mid November, and the start of the Christmas holiday season at the theme parks.


In December, the weather in Orlando is very pleasant with temperatures in the mid 60s. These ideal weather conditions make Orlando a favorite destination for a festive getaway, however it can get very busy around Christmas week so steer clear if you don’t fancy crowds and queues. In December there are a dazzling Christmas parades, live shows and spectacular fireworks at all of the main theme parks so it’s worth the hubbub, especially if you’re visiting with kids.

Orlando weather guide

So, when is the best weather in Orlando?

Getting the best weather in Orlando really depends on what you want from your trip. If you like it hot and you want to incorporate some sunbathing and swimming them visit in the summer months. You can guarantee hot and humid weather which is great, and if you want a break from the sun or rain you can make the most of indoor attractions like the shopping malls. Despite the heat, many people find the summer to be the best time to visit Orlando, especially when the kids are off school and the theme parks parks are buzzing with life.

If hot sunshine isn’t really your thing, the best time to visit is in the winter or spring. During these months Orlando weather will be milder and less humid making it a great time to enjoy the parks without being hampered by too-hot temperatures. There are a number of fantastic events taking place through these months too.

Does the weather affect ticket prices?

Not really no. As a general rule you’ll find higher prices at the parks during school holidays and lower prices during term time. Ticket prices for the theme parks can be tricky as they vary from one day to the next (plus they tend to go up every year). If you can be flexible and visit when the parks are less crowded your tickets will work out cheaper.

You can get attraction tickets directly through the park’s website although this price is often beaten by specialist ticket agents including the Top Villas concierge team.

When is Orlando weather warm

Planning for the weather

Whatever the weather in Orlando you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time, especially with a bit of forward planning. Here are a few tips if you’re planning for the weather:

  • Be aware that the heat and humidity can soar in the summer, plus it’s likely to rain. Make sure you pack suncream and a rain mac.
  • Book a vacation home with a pool. Wherever you go on vacation a swimming pool is a great perk to have. Most villas in Orlando come with their own private pools which can be heated if you wish.
  • Whether it’s rain or shine, try to get the the parks early. This way you’ll avoid the worst of the traffic and crowds. Disney and Universal open to the public at 9am so make sure you allow around 30 minutes to park and walk to the gate, and be aware that security checks can take time.
  • Stay refreshed. You can take your own refreshments into the theme parks, plus you can cool off at the indoor rides and cooling stations or with an ice cream from one of the many vendors.
  • Book rides in advance at Disney. You can beat the crowds and any adverse weather by taking advantage of Disney’s Fastpass+, single rider lines and the rider switch program, and by making dining reservations in advance.
  • Visit attractions on a week day. Even during peak season you can enjoy some quieter times during the week.
  • Check the Orlando weather forecast. There’s the threat of hurricanes in the late summer and autumn. These are rare, though, and even during these months there’s still plenty of sunshine. It’s best to get weather updates before you travel.
  • Pack a pullover. If you’re visiting in the winter or spring, make sure you pack a pullover or a light jacket for the evenings.

Where to stay

If you want to avoid shelling out for expensive (and hectic) hotels, a good alternative is to rent a private villa near the theme parks. You’ll find a wide range of great-value vacation homes in popular resorts just a few miles from Disney World. Many villas come with private pools, game rooms, home theaters and themed kids bedrooms. You’ll also enjoy access to top resort amenities such as water parks, golf courses, restaurants, kids clubs and even free shuttles to the parks (from some resorts).

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out our range of condos in Orlando instead. These compact but luxurious properties offer access to shared pools and other communal facilities.

Orlando weather

How to book accommodation

Follow our simple online booking process and you can secure your accommodation in Orlando instantly without any phone calls or fuss. Simply enter your travel dates, get a quote and book instantly online. Alternatively, submit an enquiry and we’ll get straight back to you.
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