When is the best time to visit Barbados?

The best time to visit Barbados

With its white-sand beaches, exciting attractions and friendly locals, this Caribbean gem has it all – but when is the best time to visit Barbados?

Generally, the best time to visit Barbados is between December and early April when the weather is beautifully balmy and dry. This is prime time to hit the island’s world-class beaches and enjoy the perfect winter sun escape.

That said, there’s so much more to Barbados than just sun, sea and sand. Head away from the beaches and you’ll discover Colonial towns, grand plantation houses and sugarcane fields to explore. Visit natural wonders like Harrison’s Cave, and spot wildlife including green monkeys at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

With so much to do all year round there isn’t a one-size-fits-all ‘best’ time to visit Barbados. Conditions and prices vary so it all depends on your personal preferences. Here’s our month-by-month guide to Barbados’s weather and climate to help you plan your trip.

When is the best time to visit Barbados?
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The weather in Barbados

There’s a good reason why visitors flock to Barbados from across the globe. Not only does it boast some of the best beaches and resorts in the entire Caribbean, it also sees around 3000 hours of sunshine each year. Yes, there’s a difference between the high and low seasons, so it’s a good idea to plan your vacation around the kind of weather you prefer.

Barbados is in the tropics, so you can expect hot sunny days and tropical rain showers in the summer months, especially during the hurricane season which runs from June to November. That doesn’t make it a bad time to go though. While the heat and humidity can soar in the summer, the prevailing northeast trade winds stop it from getting unbearably hot. And even when it rains, it typically comes in short showers followed by sunny skies.

The cooler season runs from December to mid-April when the weather is drier and less humid than other times of the year. This is the peak season or high season in Barbados, and one of the best times to visit weather-wise, especially if you’re looking for good weather pretty much guaranteed.

Despite the distinction between the seasons, temperatures usually vary very little throughout the year with average highs sitting just below 86F and average lows in the mid to low 70s.

The best time to visit Barbados

When is the hurricane season in Barbados?

The official hurricane season in Barbados runs from June to November, although most storms occur from August to late October (as the locals say, ”June is too soon; by October it’s all over!”). However, Barbados’s far-easterly position in the Caribbean means it’s seldom hit by hurricanes, with no serious storm occurring since 1955.

If you’re visiting Barbados during the hurricane season the odds are still excellent that you’ll have a storm-free vacation. Nonetheless, there is a risk of bad weather and you should at least plan for some rain. Make sure you get a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you if the weather prevents you from travelling. Also check out the hurricane forecast before travelling – the National Hurricane Center is a reliable resource to use.

When is the best time to visit Barbados?

There is no set best time to visit Barbados as ultimately it will come down to your personal preferences. If you visit in the middle of peak season you can expect great weather, but it will be much busier and your vacation will be more expensive.

If you visit during the low season it will be quieter and your vacation will be cheaper, but you also risk the rain. There are a few shoulder seasons too, when you’re likely to get the best of both seasons. 

Read on for our month-by-month guide:

So, when is the best time to visit Barbados?

Barbados in January

In terms of the weather, January through to mid-April is the best time to visit Barbados. It’s a couple of degrees cooler than other times of year, but there’s still around 9 hours of sunshine a day with temperatures peaking at around 82F. January is outside of the hurricane season so there is little chance of storms.

The humidity is low through January, and the nights are a bit cooler too although they rarely drop below 73F so you won’t get cold if you’re going out. If you’re planning to visit Barbados in January, bear in mind that it’s peak season so the island will be busier and flights and accommodation are likely to cost more.

Barbados in February

During February the wonderful warm weather continues. The sea is lovely and warm, making it perfect for swimming and water sports. Still in the dry season, rainfall levels tend to stay low, and despite the 9 hours sunshine a day the humidity stays pretty low too, so you’ll never feel too hot.

Daytime highs are around the same as January, as are the nighttime lows. February is still peak season but you can avoid the crowds and higher prices if you avoid travelling during the half-term week which occurs around mid-February.

Don’t forget to check out the Holetown Festival if you visit in February, it’s one of the best events of the year. 

When to visit Barbados and where to stay
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Barbados in March

March is typically the last month before temperatures and humidity start to really heat up towards the summer. The hurricane season is still a way off so there are no worries in that regard, and as March is typically a dry month it’s one of the best times to visit Barbados weather-wise.

If you’re visiting Barbados in March, you should be prepared for daytime highs to reach around 82F. The UV index is also higher so be sure to pack plenty of high-factor sun cream. In terms of school holidays, there’s the UK Easter holidays and Spring Break to consider. These usually occur around mid-March for a few weeks so you should be prepared for higher prices during this period.

One of the most popular events to check out in March is the Oistin’s Fish Festival, which falls around Easter week.

Barbados in April

If you’re visiting Barbados in April, you’re likely to get the best of both the peak and off-seasons. This period is referred to as the first shoulder season of the year, when the busier peak period ends but the low-season hasn’t quite kicked in. That means you can expect good weather and lower rates, making this season the best time to visit Barbados for many travelers.

Daytime temperatures start to hot up in April with highs of around 84F, but the cooling northeast trade winds keep things comfortable. Keep in mind that although April and May are cheaper times to travel, prices fall even lower as the hurricane season kicks in.

The cheapest time to visit Barbados
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Barbados in May

The weather is still great in May, and it’s the last month of the spring shoulder season, so the cost of accommodation and airfares continues to fall. It’s out of peak season but it’s not quite low season, so you can make the most of the quieter beaches and resorts, and the hotter (although slightly wetter) weather.

May is one of the best times to visit Barbados if you like to sunbathe or explore without getting too sweaty. There are around 9 hours of sunshine every day, but the strong cooling winds continue to temper the heat. May is the last month of the dry season, and the official hurricane season hasn’t started yet, making it a perfect month for a Barbados beach vacation. Prices creep back up for the half term holidays at the end of May, but it still works out cheaper than the Christmas, Easter or summer holidays.

Barbados in June

June is the first month of the rainy season, but even with the rainfall there’s still plenty of hot sunshine. It’s summer in Barbados and daytime temperatures can reach the high 80s but the heat and humidity is broken by the odd afternoon rain shower. June is also the first month of the hurricane season, however storms are unlikely, especially so early in the season.

That said, the risk of bad weather does exist. If you’re concerned about hurricanes we recommend checking with your travel insurance provider to make sure they offer storm-related cover. Despite the small risk, June is still a fantastic time to visit Barbados as most hotels and villas offer much lower rates in June. And there are still plenty of things to do even if it rains. You’ll also be in time for the rousing Crop Over Festival which begins in June and runs until the first Monday in August.

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Barbados in July

It’s summer all year round in Barbados, but for many travelers July to November is the best time to visit Barbados. Yes it’s the rainy season, but showers typically pass quickly with sunny skies returning within minutes. And yes it’s the hurricane season, but there’s only a low risk of storms during the summer months.

If you’re a lover of warm weather, July is especially appealing with highs of around 86F in the afternoon. It can get even hotter though so it’s a good idea to pack all your tropical vacation essentials. If you visit before the school holidays you’ll make excellent savings on flights and accommodation. And even during the school holidays you’ll find some great last-minute deals.

Barbados in August

August is the height of the summer in Barbados so make sure you’re prepared for it to get very hot and humid. It’s a great time for a beach vacation, but some visitors find it’s too hot and humid for more strenuous activities like hiking and cycling. It’s still the hurricane season so there’s a chance of rain and a small chance of storms, but rain showers are typically confined to afternoons and evenings so they’re unlikely to spoil your vacation.

Kids are off school in August so prices will be much higher than during term-time, but not as high as winter peak-season rates. If you’re visiting Barbados in August be sure to pack plenty of sunblock, sunglasses and beachwear, and remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The Crop Over Festival reaches its peak on the first Monday in August with the renowned Grand Kadooment Day. 

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Barbados in September

September is the height of the hurricane season in Barbados. It’s also one of the months with the highest rainfall. While the chance of storms is relatively low, there’s no denying you’re likely to see some rain. It’s unlikely to ruin your trip though, as you can use rain showers as a break from the beach, or as an opportunity to explore the duty-free shops and indoor attractions like the museums and art galleries. Many people consider September to be one of the best times to visit Barbados as it’s the month when vacation prices are at their lowest.

You’ll get a great deal if you go in September as the weather is usually fantastic with warm sunny days and gorgeously warm seas. School typically starts back in the first week, so any time after that is a good time to visit if you prefer it quiet. Be aware that in the quietest months of September and October some hotels, restaurants and bars will be closed.

Barbados in October

Warm temperatures continue in Barbados in October with daily highs of more than 84F. It’s still the height of the hurricane season and it’s the month with the highest rainfall, but that doesn’t make it a bad time to visit. There are rarely any full days of rain, and there’s still around 8 hours of sunshine a day so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get some sunbathing in.

Barbados in October is a riskier time for hurricanes but you shouldn’t worry too much as Barbados rarely sees any serious storms. It’s is the height of low season so you can expect prices to be at their lowest, however they creep up a bit during the half term.

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Barbados in November

The hurricane season is coming to an end in Barbados in November, and the rainy season begins to taper off, although there are still likely to be light showers on some days of your vacation. Even as it heads towards winter, there are a good 8 hours of sunshine a day with temperatures peaking at around 84F.

Barbados in November is one of the best times to visit as it’s the end of the autumn shoulder season. This means the heat and humidity of the preceding months has started to wane and rates will be at their lowest. Many travellers say Barbados in November really shines as the best time for a vacation.

Barbados in December

The start of the peak season in the Caribbean, December often tops the polls as the best time to visit Barbados. It’s considerably drier than October and November, and the official start of the dry season (January) is just a month away. You can expect warm sunny weather in December although it’s slightly cooler with highs of around 82F.

If you visit in early December you’ll find lower prices than in the holidays, while if you visit later in the month you can spend Christmas and New Year on the beach! December falls outside of the official hurricane season so there’s no need to worry about storms spoiling your vacation. But be aware that it’s one of the most popular times to visit Barbados, so it’s likely to be busy.

The cheapest time to visit Barbados

While prices for vacation rentals tend to go up in the high season, you can still get some great deals if you book in advance or look out for last-minute offers. 


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