Why you should use banners (and where to place them!)

Banners are a simple, attractive way to promote Top Villas and add affiliate links to your site. These simple ads can bring depth and colour to your existing content, raise awareness about our properties and – importantly – help you to earn more commission!

As an affiliate, you’ll have access to a wide variety of banners in different shapes and sizes. These cover all of our main destinations and can be downloaded quickly and easily from your affiliate dashboard.

How could banners boost my earnings?

Creating great content should be the primary way to insert affiliate links on your site as this is often the most successful way to convert readers into customers.

However, banners can serve as a nice visual reminder for your audience, prompting them to click through and book. Banners can also reinforce the key messages in your content and help to keep your audience engaged.

Another great thing about banners is that they offer an alternative way for potential guests to reach our site, actively encouraging clicks and increasing your chances of earning commission.

How to add banners

Once you’ve signed up to our affiliate programme, you’ll need to add banners to your website. The find them, log into your Awin dashboard and then:

  • Go to Links and Tools
  • Click on My Creative
  • Use the search box to find ‘Top Villas’
  • Choose the banner you want to use and click on ‘copy code’ on the right-hand side
  • Your unique Awin tracking link is included in this; you do not need to change this code!
  • Paste the code into your website and publish

How to measure success

Once your banners and blog posts are live, keep updated by tracking your progress through your Awin user area.

From here, you can access analytics about your posts and these figures can be useful when making future decisions. For example, if the banner you’ve added is generating high impressions yet no clicks, you could consider moving the banner to another page or replacing it with a more relevant ad.

Custom-made sizes

Through your Awin dashboard you will have access to dozens of ready-made banners. However, if you need another size or custom artwork please contact us at [email protected]

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