Creating affiliate content that converts

Creating great affiliate content for Top Villas

Joining our affiliate programme gives you unlimited earning potential but there’s more to a successful campaign than simply adding a couple of banners to your site. Here are some ideas to help you get more bookings and maximize your earnings: 

Create great content, and then add links to it

Adding links to relevant blog posts – or creating new content from scratch – is by far the best performing option in terms of conversions and generating bookings. A well-placed text link will usually outperform all other types of affiliate link, including banners.

At the heart of this strategy is great content. Consider how you can help a potential customer to plan their trip, whether they are right at the start of the process or actively looking for somewhere to stay (the latter should be easier to convert into a booking).

Need some inspiration? Here are some excellent examples of content that puts our villas front and center, encouraging people to book:

God Save The Points

This popular deals website published a highly visual article called ‘Ten Idyllic Luxury Villas for your Next Group Vacation’. The article promotes the unrivalled appeal of villas over hotels, especially for families and large groups. The post features a selection of our luxurious destinations, along with prices and direct affiliate links to the property pages on our website.

Relevancy is key, so it’s important to make sure that users land on parts of our website that relate to the content they’ve just been reading on your website. So if they’ve been reading about where to stay near Disney World, it makes sense for them to arrive on a page that’s packed with homes in Orlando. Listings pages like this one give users the chance to preview lots of properties simultaneously.

Dad’s Guide to Disney World

Carl (aka Dad) from ‘Dad’s Guide to Disney World’ posted a really detailed piece on finding the best vacation homes near Disney World.

In the post, Carl highlights some of his favourite villas, and then gives information on their location and distance from the Disney parks. He also draws attention to the extra services that Top Villas offers, such as our concierge services, and really encourages his readers to book with us. Carl offers great insight all in his own style, using pictures from our B2B Marketing Suite to bring the whole thing to life.

Lizzie in Adventureland

In this post about amazing off-property rentals at Walt Disney World, Lizzie discusses the benefits of staying in your own vacation home, rather than sticking with a hotel at one of the theme parks.

She highlights some of out most visually appealing villas, including those with colorful themed rooms, and gives info on what makes the villas stand out. Focusing on a theme – like a destination, an attraction, or villas for large groups – will allow you to reach a more targeted audience of readers who are more likely to convert into bookings!

Promote special offers

Your readers are more likely to book with us (and earn you commission) if you give them an incentive to book. We regularly promote special offers on our website and in our email newsletters (sign up here), and you can generate bookings by sharing these deals on your website.

If you’d like an exclusive offer to promote on your website, please contact us: [email protected] 

Post frequently

Posting more frequently can turn occasional affiliate payments into a steady stream of income. You may want to consider running a regular series about our villas on your website (eg. ‘Vacation home of the month’ or ‘Deal of the week’).

Cross-promote on other channels

If you’ve posted a great offer or piece of content on your blog or website, it makes sense to cross-promote it on your social media channels. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok can all drive lots of traffic to your blog, which can in turn lead to bookings through our affiliate programme.

Likewise, if you have an email newsletter or a YouTube channel, publishing a link to your content (or directly to our site) can be an effective way to generate more bookings.

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  1. April Socarras says:

    I am interested in applying to become an affiliate. Does your company form partnerships where I can book and visit a property? I am attempting to book a vacation in Barbados and was interested in spending a week in one of your villas. are there discounted rates for affiliates?

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