Using the deep-link tool

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Once you’ve created unique, engaging content, one of the most important parts of a successful campaign is using highly targeted affiliate links.

To ensure that you insert the correct links (which track a user’s journey from your site to ours) you will need to use the deep link tool. This lets you link to almost any page on our website, and can be accessed through your Awin dashboard once you’ve signed up to the programme.

Step-by-step: how to add links and start earning straight away

  • From your Awin dashboard go to ‘Links and Tools’ and then click on ‘Link Builder’
  • Enter the URL of the page on the Top Villas website that you’d like to link to
  • Add the anchor text that you’d like your link to use (this is the text that your visitors see and click)
  • Your unique affiliate link will appear in the box below
  • Add this code to your post and publish
  • Send traffic to the post and track commission through your affiliate dashboard

Make your links relevant

Depending on your content you’ll need to make sure your links are relevant. You can link to a destination, a resort, a specific villa and even certain date ranges (handy if you’re promoting accommodation for an event). You can also add some of our ready-made banners to your site to raise awareness of our offers and increase the chances of your content converting into bookings.

If you want to include a special offer (which is a great way to generate bookings), making sure you link to the right page is key. If you’re not sure that a specific property will resonate with every single reader, consider linking to a page like this one, which shows multiple vacation options and invites visitors to quickly browse through lots of different options.

Don’t worry if bookings aren’t instant

When a reader follows an affiliate link from your site to ours, they will pick up a cookie that identifies you as the source of the referral.

This 30-day cookie gives you the opportunity to generate conversions for an extended period of time and get credit for bookings that you helped to create, even if a user decides not to book right away. Often, our villas are booked by large groups and it can take time for them to decide on dates and make the booking.

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