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Generating commission as an affiliate often calls for engaging content! Publishing relevant, informative articles and blog posts will help your site show up in search engines and give your affiliate links unlimited earning potential. If you’re stuck, here are some ideas to start you off.

Answer a question

Answering common questions can help you to attract people who are already thinking of planning their next trip. You can promote accommodation in all sorts of articles, whether you’re writing about the best places to visit this year (high traffic, but less likely to convert), or highlighting star properties at a specific resort (lower traffic, but much more likely to convert). To get started, you may want to write a post that answers one of the following questions:

  • When’s the best time to visit Disney?
  • Where are the best places to stay in the Caribbean?
  • Which attractions should I visit in Orlando?
  • Which is the best Thai island for families?
  • What are the top resorts near Universal?

Adding great pictures can help your content to shine

Help people plan their trip

Helping people to plan their vacation and giving tips on where to stay will attract an audience that is highly likely to book. Actively recommending rental properties and some of the additional services we offer can give readers the encouragement they need to book.

  • How I planned a trip to Disney with young children (and the best places to stay!)
  • Top things to consider when traveling to the Caribbean
  • The ultimate guide to beaches in Koh Samui
  • Don’t miss these 10 things when visiting Downtown Orlando

Helping people to plan their trips is a great way to get traffic

Showcase a destination

By featuring a destination on your site and recommending some of our luxury villas in that area, you’ll have the opportunity to show off some of our impressive imagery. Here are some suggestions for highly visual articles.

  • Top resorts near Disney
  • Villas on the beach in Southeast Asia
  • The most impressive sea-view villas in the Caribbean
  • Southeast Asian villas with epic pools

Showcasing specific destinations can help to boost your conversion rate

Focus on exciting home features

If you’re looking for an unusual angle, why not focus on some of the extraordinary features and amenities available at some of our villas? Many of our vacation homes have impressive game rooms, home theaters and quirky themed bedrooms.

  • Luxury villas with super-stylish game rooms
  • Luxury villas with private home theaters
  • Ultimate themed bedrooms
  • Orlando’s most impressive vacation homes (villas with home theaters, bowling alleys, game rooms, gyms, private pools, and themed bedrooms)

Our villas feature lots of quirky extras

Win the ‘villa vs hotel’ debate

Ever thought of the value of renting a private villa, compared with staying in a hotel? A good idea is to focus on some of the in-house features that hotels rarely offer, including hot tubs, spa areas and private kitchens.

  • Luxury vacations: why villas beat hotels
  • Private villas you won’t ever want to leave

Promoting the benefits for villas can help your content to convert!

Highlight luxury upgrades

One of the great things about Top Villas is that we offer guests the chance to upgrade their stays with unique extras like private chef hire, luxury car rental and tailor-made experiences. Focusing on these really sets us apart from the competition. You can read more about our concierge services here.

  • Luxury villas in Thailand with private chefs (our villas in Thailand offer professional staff; some also include spa services)
  • Everything you need for a vacation at Disney World (our services include car hire and attraction tickets)
  • Best vacation homes with activities for kids (our concierge team offers a childminder service and competitively priced transport)

Highlight some of the luxurious extras we offer at our vacation homes

Aim your content at groups

Private villas can be the best option when it comes to planning a vacation for a large group. The following ideas let your readers in on the secret of luxury group travel and how to find the ultimate place to stay!

  • Stay at the biggest vacation rental in Orlando! (Reunion Resort 15000)
  • Top 10 huge villas that sleep more than 20 guests
  • Top 10 villas perfect for big family getaways

Content aimed at groups is great if you want to get big bookings

Add finishing touches to your article

Don’t forget!

  • All of these article ideas can be complemented by our high-res images in our B2B Marketing Suite
  • Add banners to your site! These are available through your Awin dashboard under ‘Links and Tools’ and ’My Creative’
  • Inserting deep links to specific properties, destinations and date ranges will help your content to convert

If you’d like any help or advice on any of the above ideas then please get in touch with us! Email: [email protected]

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