How do I see a doctor in Koh Samui?

How do I see a doctor in Koh Samui?

If you need to see a doctor in Koh Samui there are plenty of private practices as well as pharmacies, medical centers and hospitals.

Regardless of how healthy you are it’s important to have medical insurance in place for the duration of your travels. This covers the cost of an healthcare you may need while on vacation, including any doctors visits or medical emergencies. Most comprehensive travel insurance policies offer at least £2m ($2.5m) of medical cover, which normally covers the cost of any treatment you may need, as well as the cost of getting you home.

If you need to see a doctor in Koh Samui and it’s not an emergency there are a number of options to choose from. For more common ailments you can head to one of the island’s many pharmacies where you will be able to seek general medical advice and buy over-the-counter treatments. If you need to see a fully-qualified doctor, you can visit one of the island’s private doctors practices, medical centers or hospitals.

Alternatively you can call one of the hospitals in Koh Samui to arrange a home visit.

In the event of a medical emergency you should contact your travel insurance company and arrange the necessary medical treatment with their preferred provider. If you don’t have time to contact your insurance company then dial 077 421 444 for an ambulance or head to the nearest hospital that offers emergency services.

The best hospital in Koh Samui is the internationally-accredited Bangkok Hospital Samui in Bophut, but there are many other hospitals in Koh Samui that offer a range of emergency and non-emergency services.

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