What’s a good daily budget for Koh Samui?

What's a good daily budget for Koh Samui?

Although slightly more expensive than mainland Thailand, Koh Samui is still a budget-friendly destination.

In terms of a good daily budget for Koh Samui, it all depends on where you go and what you want to do.

You can stock up on fresh local produce and cook at your Koh Samui vacation home very cheaply, or pack a picnic if you’re heading out for a day trip. If you do decide to eat out you can grab tasty street food on the go for just a few dollars or you can dine in a mid-range restaurant for around $15 or 515 Thai baht (THB) for a 3-course meal.

You should incorporate any transport costs into your daily budget. These will be very low if you’re traveling by songthaew (pick-up trucks) which cost as little as 50 cents (50 THB) per person. Motorbike rental costs around $6 (200 THB) per day or for a safer option you can hire a car from around 1000 THB ($30) a day. Taxis are a more expensive way of getting around so your daily budget will be much higher if you’re relying on these.

Here is a good daily budget for Koh Samui as of May 2017:

  • Food – 750 THB ($21) – Based on breakfast at home, street food for lunch and a 3-course evening meal in a mid-range restaurant
  • Drink – 350 THB ($10) – A bottle of water, a few soft drinks, and a few beers from a local bar
  • Car hire – 1000 THB ($30) – For a small economy car
  • Gasoline – 200 THB ($5.50) – For a day of car use visiting various parts of the island
  • Visit to Wat Plai Laem temple – Free
  • Total – 2300 baht ($66)
  • If you swap car hire for Songthaew the budget would be around 1100 baht ($32) per person.